Sweet SoCal Life

After a gorgeously warm and sunny week, southern California decided to take a break from the sun and stay overcast all weekend. While that was sort of sad, I quickly realized that I can have just as much fun in the shade as the sun when I live in such an incredible place! I was also reminded how blessed I’ve been with incredible friends who like to get out and do activities I like to do.

Friday after work I stayed south to avoid rush hour and met up with X to lift at the gym in La Jolla. Then we walked to The Promiscuous Fork, which is a catering company that has a small kitchen for dining in. I had a great grilled chicken plate with jasmine rice and macaroni salad. We also split a BBQ pork quesadilla with caramelized onions and Gouda cheese. It was too rich to eat more than one slice, but delicious none the less! X had a shrimp sandwich of sorts, I think BBQ? It was all really good and we sat at the counter looking into the kitchen, which was fun to watch. We followed dinner up with the movie In Bruges, which he has been talking about since I visited Bruges in February. It’s kind of a dark comedy (ish?) but I actually liked it!

Saturday morning I was up early and heading back to La Jolla, this time with my friend Sarah. Her birthday was earlier this week and she wanted to explore SD and try something new. I had a kayaking Groupon that was getting ready to expire, so it seemed like the perfect fit! We went in a two-person kayak on a cave tour, which was actually really fun. I’d kayaked in the cove before but just on our own, not with a guide. We saw the house where Dr. Seuss wrote most of his stories, we learned about concrete differences between harbor seals and California sea lions, and we went through the kelp forest. All really cool and our guides were fun and informative at the same time. Since it was overcast we didn’t get too much sun, and I got to wear a wetsuit for the first time!

After driving back north to finish and submit my taxes (procrastinate, much?) I met up with Sean and we cruised to Qualcomm Stadium, home of the Chargers. We weren’t there for football though, we were there for a Neon Run! Dressed in white and painted in the neon paint we got at check-in, we set off with thousands of other runners in waves to run a 3-mile course. At various stages during the run we were sprayed with different colors of paint from orange and green to blue and pink. Then we’d run under tents full of black lights to really see ourselves glow 🙂 We had a blast running for fun with people of all ages and abilities, but the most surprising part was the post-race rave! It was a family-friendly event, meaning no alcohol, so everyone could party together with DJ A-one (I’m serious, that was his name). They kept spraying paint and throwing out glow-sticks and Sean agrees with me that we were more sore from the dancing than the running. Amazing!



Sunday I woke up EXHAUSTED, but managed to get up to 9am church with Chris and Amber. The message was one I really needed to hear, so I was glad I made it. Then I tried out a new bakery in town that is 100% gluten-free with healthier options for brunch. My CPP (Chicken Pesto Provolone) sandwich was actually really good and not as expensive as I thought it would be. I did manage to avoid the delicious-looking cupcakes too! THEN, if that wasn’t enough, Jess met at my place and we drove to El Cajon for a country music concert! There’s a casino out there with a small venue for about 200 people and Lee Brice was playing. I have really started to like his music recently, and tickets were cheap, so we decided to check it out. I loved it! We were so close, especially after the house manager moved us up to empty seats, and Lee was really relaxed and personable with the crowd. He gets married next weekend so this was his last show as a single man, which was kind of cool.


This morning I woke up to sprinkling rain and was kind of glad because that meant the sun didn’t wake me up at 7am. I barely have a voice from all the singing both nights and from being outside in cold and water… but I’m pushing through and am ready for another fun week in my life!

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