The Ultimate Love-Hate Relationship

First, some back story. I enjoy feel-good television. Like Amazing Race, like Extreme Home Makeover, and like the Biggest Loser. I like watching people make positive impacts and enjoy their lives, so don’t judge me. Anyway, for those of you that don’t know, one of the main athletic trainers on the Biggest Loser is Jillian Michaels.  I’ve been watching her for years on the show and she’s way hardcore. She finds ways to motivate her athletes no matter what.  This often involves getting in their faces. Physically and verbally.

So what does this have to do with me? Well, I love to watch Jillian on TV. And I have been struggling to find a strength training program that I like enough to stick with and that really helps. So when I paused to think about it a few weeks ago, I decided to try out one of her plans. It’s a 30-day plan to build muscle and tone. It’s intense and when I’m working out I hate her a little bit… or sometimes a lot. But that motivates me too.

The basic format of the plan is doing five circuits twice each, five days a week. A workout takes about 45 minutes. It builds around using various muscle groups in a circuit so you can continually move without having to stop and rest your muscles. This allows you to get a cardiovascular workout in while building muscle. This allows means I’m running around the gym like crazy bouncing back and forth from one machine to another. I’m also on some of the big boy machines sometimes, which gets me looks from the boys… sometimes “who’s this crazy girl in our space?” and sometimes “damn girl, get it”… I like it 🙂

It has introduced me to a lot of new exercises and explains the specific muscle groups worked by each exercise. I have started keeping a notebook of everything, one so I can remember what I have to do each day, but also so I can track my weights and progress. It’s been an interesting process and it’s hard work, but I think it’s helping? I feel stronger so that’s good, but I have also been a lot hungrier because of the calories I’m burning, so I’ve been eating a TON of food… which isn’t exactly helping. I’m still really struggling with what I eat and how much. But that’s a challenge for another day, for now I’m just trying to be happy with what progress I am making. Talk to y’all soon!


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