Last Cooking Class :(

Monday night I had my last Japanese cooking and conversation class.  It really was bittersweet because I’m glad to have my Monday night back, but I loved making these dishes and getting to know my classmates.  We made three dishes this week, a full meal in fact. Miso soup was our appetizer, then we had fried rice as the main course, and mochi as the dessert.


Starting with the miso soup. Those of you that know me know that hot liquids or soups are not my thing. But I did sample this at the end, once it had cooled off for a while.  It wasn’t bad and the tofu in it was pretty good, but I probably won’t make it again until someone requests it. I can’t even really remember what was in it because I was prepping for the fried rice dish while others in my group made the miso.  But I do have the recipe so I could recreate it if necessary. Above is the boiling pot cooking and below is my individual sample cooling off.


Next, was the fried rice dish.  I was really excited to make this because it seems like a good freezer dish for weekend dinners. We started with all the veggies and cooked them on our “stove”. We used carrots, green beans, peas, and corn. Then we added in our meats, which were chicken and ham but you can use almost anything. Then we mixed in the already cooked rice and some soy sauce for seasoning.


After this part of the dish had been properly fried, we removed it from the heat so we could attend to the eggs. We first mixed the eggs with some sugar and salt, then cooked them on the stove. Once they were done, we chopped them up and layered them on top of our dish. Then some green onions were sprinkled on the top. We added some red ginger shavings as well, but I took the picture below before that and forgot to go back and take another one.  This dish turned out great and was SO good. I could’ve eaten the whole pan if I had tried. Will absolutely make this again.


Our final dish of the evening was mochi. Now, I’ve only ever had the ice cream version of this so I didn’t know what to expect. We made our own first, which were basically rice cakes fried on the stove for a minute, then seasoned and wrapped in seaweed.  I won’t lie, they weren’t sweet enough for me to consider them a dessert.


Then, one of our classmates had bought a variety of bean-filled mochi from a Japanese market near her house. So we had a sampling of all of these different varieties of mochi.  They were a little better, but again I prefer the ice cream version which comes in green tea or strawberry or chocolate 🙂


Again, I absolutely LOVED this class and our instructor was adorable. I would recommend it to anyone in the SoCal area! I’m sad it’s over but my stomach is also glad because it was stuffed every Monday night for the last six weeks, lol. I hope you all have enjoyed reading about all these yummy dishes and be sure to go back through my Cooking/Nutrition category to read about our past creations!


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  1. Raymond Oliver
    Apr 03, 2013 @ 19:47:30

    Karen, Congratulations, you just won your MHC (Mess Hall Certificate) dgree. Looked good. We enjoyed the skype visit from Jason + after their Mexican trip. Also thanks for your Easter & Birthday greeting. G Dad & G Mom O



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