Stir-fry and Salmon Times Two

Week four of Japanese cooking class and we got a little fancy. Our sensei split the class into two groups and had us each cook a different recipe. I was in Team Beef Teriyaki with six others while the other half made Oyakodon.


This was a dish similar to the Katsudon we made last week. It’s called Oyakodon which means parent-child dish because chicken and eggs are used, lol. The cooking dish is above, the green being spinach. The pinkish food on the right of the bowl below is “fish cake” so kind of like a fish meat sausage. Weird texture but not a terrible taste!


But our side made our own teriyaki sauce which was very good, a little garlicky for me but good. Then we stripped and cooked the beef and served over a bowl of rice. It was really good and tender, but not anything too special. Our pot is below!


This week for Thursday night dinner I filleted a salmon on the grill. I seasoned it with lemon and a little olive oil and rosemary. The rosemary was from our bush in the backyard, can’t get fresher than that! And I was just proud of myself for not burning the house down with the grill 🙂 The other salmon was baked in the oven and stuffed with a crabmeat concoction. This was a Costco special, but really tasty as well! Images are below, enjoy!





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