Two-Thirds and Tired

I promised you an update on my March Madness goals and since the “real” tournament starts today, I figured this would be as good a time as any.

So I’ll start with the not so great part, in the last ten days since my first update I have only lost half a pound. But I’m kind of okay with that from an exercise point of view because my hip has been giving me such a problem. I have upped my stretching, icing, and foam rolling. And some days I have no issues at all, which is great! But I don’t have the speed and can’t do the hill workouts I had planned. Which will hurt me in a month because my next half is quite hilly through Torrey Pines and into La Jolla.

I will admit that I am struggling with the food aspect a little. Soda is still no issue at all, which is awesome. And frozen products are fine as well as fried foods. My main issue has been finding something sweet to keep off the dessert cravings. Fruits are great, but I need something creamy and smooth. Ever since I was a kid, when I was sick I wanted ice cream for my throat. And I’ve been battling allergies the last two weeks so I’ve wanted ice cream or sherbet or something! I tried vanilla yogurt, but then went overboard and ate a ton of it. Not helpful.

I do feel myself getting stronger, especially my upper body. And I love being able to walk or run down to our gym right here. The month isn’t over yet, so I’ll keep going… And try to ride the bike or run at the gym while watching the basketball games instead of vegging on the couch!

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