St. Patrick’s Weekend of Fun

This weekend involved a lot of St. Patrick’s Day festivities, but it was really a weekend of fun and not just a day.  Friday evening was pretty chill, just sushi with Brian and Blake and then hanging at the house.

Saturday morning Brian and I got up early and drove down to Mission Bay for a 10K race (the first of my 30+ miles of racing this spring). My goal for this run was to beat my time from last January, which is the only other time I’ve raced a 10K.  My sister-in-law and I finished in just over an hour.  Yesterday I wanted to keep the pace steady and not push too hard with my hip issues. My stomach also knotted about one-third of the way through, which didn’t help. At least it was a totally flat course around Fiesta Island, where I biked for my sprint triathlon in October.

Anyway, I finished in 51:37 which I was quite pleased with given the circumstances.  This was good enough to be 16th out of 139 in my age group and 242 out of the 1081 racers that finished the race.  I was really happy with those results and proud of Brian for running a PR as well, finishing in just over 45 minutes!  After the race we sampled all the vitamin waters, avoided the Domino’s pizza temptation (it was 9am!) and enjoyed our complimentary beer from the beer garden.

After a day full of walking with my neighbor, shopping deep discounts at the outlets, and just hanging out in the sunshine, we headed south again.  This time we went to a Spanish tapas restaurant, Costa Brava in Pacific Beach for dinner.  With our friends Blake, Jess, and Phan we sampled eel, octopus, lamb skewers, and stuffed peppers while enjoying some sangria.  Then we met up with six others to board the Sternwheeler for our “cruise” around Mission Bay for the night.

This was a Groupon deal for a St. Patrick’s Day party on a boat! We thought it looked like an adventure and something different to do for an evening.  So we spent the night circling the bay while singing and dancing with strangers.  It was actually a lot of fun and it was nice to be able to go up on the top deck for fresh air and to see the sights.  Although I will admit that my hip is especially sore today from all the dancing in heels, but it was totally worth it.

Today Brian and I had our usual breakfast at Counter Culture, this week with Blake.  Then we explored the Leucadia farmer’s market, where we got some AMAZING strawberries and other yummy treats. Then I met a friend for drinks (iced coffee and tea) which we drank while walking the length of Carlsbad along the coast.  And I just ended my St. Patrick’s Day fun with a picnic at Cannon Park with my North County Adventurers meet-up group.  It was nice to see everyone in “normal” clothes for a change, versus the athletic gear we usually all have on at weekly beach runs and climbing groups.

Overall it was a packed, but really relaxing and fun weekend!  I can’t wait to see what this week has in store for me as I enjoy my last few days with my roommate here for a while.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone and have a great night!


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