Cultural Culinary Creations

The first part of this will be about my third week of Japanese cooking classes.  Be sure to check out my first two posts about fried noodles and sushi too!  This week we prepared Katsudon, a traditional fried pork dish.  This was a great “all-in-one” dish that could serve as an entire meal.  The first step was to bread and deep-fry the pork chunks. They came out looking like Chick-fil-a nuggets 🙂 In the future, I would probably just bread and bake these pieces to make it a little healthier.


Then we seasoned and cooked the veggie parts of this dish. Then we dumped everything into the frying pan, well at least the veggies and fish bullion and pork bites.  After it cooked for a while and the veggies softened, we added the weirdest part: raw eggs. We literally just cracked eggs and dumped them on top of the whole dish.  We let it simmer for a few minutes so the eggs could cook, then topped it all with some green onions for color and flavor. Here’s the final product, ready to serve eight people.


The second half of my cultural adventures this week take us to Ireland! This Thursday for dinner, the boys stepped up and volunteered to make corned beef with cabbage and carrots. I’ll be honest, I’ve never had corned beef and didn’t even really know what to expect. This was another slow-cook recipe, but it came out way better than my last attempt.  I thought the meat was really tender and delicious! The veggies weren’t bad either (for veggies). Here’s a shot of our whole spread.


So if the boys took lead on the entree, what in this picture did I do? I took this opportunity to try out a fruit dip I’ve been wanting to try.  So I picked out all green fruits (to keep with the St. Patrick’s Day theme) and whipped up the dip.  It was really easy and a vanilla yogurt kind of flavor.  Not the healthiest dish I’ve tried so far, but it was good!




Oh, and I also purchased Irish soda bread from the store, because I was too nervous to attempt this on my own.  And because it was baked fresh just for me earlier in the day.  It was AMAZING. Raisins and warm and yummy and I could’ve eaten the whole loaf myself. And I brewed my first batch of Passion iced tea, like for real boiled hot water and steeped it and then cooled it in the refrigerator.  It’s the red drink in our glasses above and it was really good actually.  I will continue this process in the future for sure.


Oh! And how could I forget the surprise ending to the meal? One of the boys homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream that was delicious! Seriously, so good. I am glad I don’t have the machine he does, because I would get fat for sure… but I also can’t wait for the next batch he makes sometime in the future!  Overall, this was a good week for food from other places.  I tried new stuff, liked all of it, and just had fun eating it with my good friends 🙂  Happy Ides of March everyone!

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