Update on the Madness

It is the 11th today, which means we are about one-third of the way through March. I set a series of goals for myself at the beginning of the month and wanted to update y’all on how those are going.

The food stuff has been great so far! My biggest temptations have been traditional desserts. Not because I eat a ton of them, but I do like something sweet at the end of my dinner. I’ve settled for Craisins or yogurt so far and am dealing with it. The easiest to avoid has been frozen processed because I just don’t allow myself to buy them. I do miss having 1-5 French fries with a sandwich, but I quickly get over that. And soda… Well, I don’t miss it with meals, but I would use it as a zero calorie “snack” in the afternoons. I’ve been replacing it with vitamin water or iced tea and that seems to help, for now.

The other half of the madness was working out and physically activity. I’ve met my goals so far, but it hasn’t been easy. I have finished my Groupon for yoga classes at the studio I had been attending, and need to transition over to classes at my new gym, 24-hour fitness. Biking is awesome and I have been going during a show I want to watch and burn an hour with that. But I’d like to get back outside now that weather is warming up. And I love swimming laps. It’s just so refreshing after a hard lifting workout. Those have been surprising me, in that I really enjoy them! I still need to fine tune my workout and get into a routine (our gym has so many different pieces of equipment, I’ve had to learn what they all do) but its been good.

The only slight negative has been running. I still really enjoy it, but my hip is causing me a lot of problems. I’ve been trying to ice, heat, ibuprofen, stretch, foam roll, etc. but it just doesn’t help. After today’s long run I could barely walk up the stairs. Any suggestions anyone has would be great! After my next half (end of April) I plan to severely cut back my miles for May and June just to give it a break. But for now, I need to find ways to continue without further damage or pain.

As far as tangible results go, I feel like I’ve been more pleasant to be around. I feel happier anyway, and like having that sense of accomplishment. My body has felt better in general and I haven’t been over-eating. I’ve lost two pounds and gained a little bit of tone, which you can mainly see in my arms and abs. Especially in my upper body, I am stronger and have added weights to my exercises. I guess that’s about it, which is a good start! I’ll check in again around the 20th and we will see how things are continuing to progress!


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