Wonderfully Weird with a Side of Waffles

Today was kind of a touristy day for me and to be honest I’m quite exhausted so this will be brief. I started by heading up to the Atomium which looks ridiculously cool and you get to go up into several of the spheres. I didn’t know it was built for the World’s Fair in the 50s or that inside there’s a history of Belgian architecture. Way cool!



Then I trammed back to the center of town to see the Belgian Comic Art Museum. Most famous for the Smurfs and Tintin, Belgium has been a powerhouse in illustrated stories throughout history. I couldn’t take pictures inside but a random fact I learned was that there were exactly 100 unique Smurfs and each was named and had identifying features. From there I swung through the main square to see the cathedral and town hall. Both of which were gorgeous but it was freezing (high 31 with 20mph winds) so I didn’t linger.




The highlight of my daytime activities was by far the Belgian waffle I had for lunch šŸ™‚ I’d been waiting for this and had read countless review on which bakery really had the best. I settled for this one because of the upstairs cafe (not just a walk-up and take-away place) as well as the raving reviews. I was going to get the “natural” waffle which just comes with a dusting of powdered sugar, but since this is the land of chocolate I decided last second to get warm chocolate on top. This was not your average squeeze-bottle Hershey’s chocolate. It was melted Belgian dark chocolate and was incredible! And the waffle itself was sweet and had a crunch but was so, so delicious. I wanted to eat it all before it cooled off but I also wanted to savor it forever. SO worth it.


On my way out of city center, I stopped for two seconds by Manneken Pis which is the fountain of a little boy peeing. It’s weird for sure, and worth a quick shot. Then this evening I was invited to hang out at my friend Sara’s house. She and her boyfriend were having a mix of family and friends over for beer tasting and snacks. They were a great group of people, many are teachers, and we had a fun time sampling beers and more chocolate.


Now I’m crashing so I can get up to start my long journey home. I’ll leave the hotel at 10:30pm Friday night California time and get home after connecting in London at 7:15pm Saturday night. It’s been a wonderful trip and I feel so blessed to have been able to travel the world so much, but now I’m ready to settle into California life again. Thanks so much for journeying with me and I look forward to telling you about my next adventure soon!


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