I’m in Turkey!! But before I get too excited, let’s backtrack and finish up Croatia. So yesterday (I’m having a really hard time keeping tabs on what day of the week it is) Katie worked in the morning and I ran in another nearby park up to the train station and back. Then I picked up some post cards and headed to a cafe right off the main square that has a glass front. I love people watching and was content to wait for Katie while drinking a Coke Zero and writing my postcards. My view of the square is below.


We walked down to the post office, mailed letters, then hopped a tram to the far side of the city. From there we cabbed up a mountain, in a snow-covered forest, to Medvedgrad Castle which overlooks the city of Zagreb. After paying our taxi driver, we walked the quarter mile to the entrance, only to find that it’s closed in the winter. Whoops. Instead of walking back down we decided to explore the grounds as best we could, which included scaling a wall or two (see below). Once our feet were good and cold, we hailed a cab back to town, changed shoes and went out for dinner/lunch. I had a delicious chicken wok meal at Apetit followed by a peanut butter cookie at the Cookie Company. The meal was WAY better than the dessert.


After packing most of our bags, we met some co-workers of Katie at a nearby wine bar and then watched a movie before crashing. This morning we got up and headed to the Zagreb airport (ZAG) for our flight to Istanbul, Turkey (TAV)! By the time we landed, got through immigration and customs, found our contact, and got to our hotel, it was dinner time! TripAdvisor recommended a restaurant near us so we walked over. This place was the best meal I’ve had on the trip so far. The place was called Pasazade Restaurant and featured Ottoman cuisine. We started with breads and oils, then I had “Chard Dolma with Minced Lamb & Veal Meat and Herb Filling”. These were rolls wrapped in spinach with yogurt to dip in. SO good! Then we were offered complimentary tea or coffee, so I tried tea. I’m not a hot tea person, sorry. And then Turkish delight! Which is kinda like an orange slice gummy thing. We had mint, orange, and a red one (strawberry? Grapefruit? Cherry?). The place itself was adorable and looked like we were sitting outside on a sidewalk (below).


We then wandered the streets, got a preview of the mosques we can’t wait to explore, tried some baklava and “chocolate pasta”, and made plans for tomorrow! It’s going to be a busy few days here and I cannot wait to see the city in the daylight… And go to Asia for the first time 🙂


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  1. Claire O.
    Feb 09, 2013 @ 20:03:33

    I’m feeling pretty happy about my decision to read this after I had dinner. If not, I would be hunting down Turkish cuisine near me to get an identical meal to yours!



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