2013 “Resolutions”

Why is “Resolutions” in quotes?  Because if you’d asked me last year, I would’ve told you that I don’t make formal resolutions at the turn of the year.  But yet, last year I focused on 12 Goals of 2012. Kind of the same thing, right? I had so many last year because I really like the number 12 and because I knew in my heart that I had a lot of changes to make in my life, some more drastic than others.

For 2013, I’m keeping in simple (which is funny because that’s one of my new goals).  This year I technically have just six goals. I’m hoping that less items will allow me to go deeper into each and really make changes that will stick.  I’ve also avoided more specific, one-time goals this year because I really don’t know where life will take me and I want to be open to wherever or whatever that is. Anyway, here they are!

2 – Try at least two new dishes each week.  This is worded in such a way that the weeks I am traveling and not in my kitchen, I can explore dishes custom to the places I travel. Find out what I like and might want to try recreating myself at home. But the bigger portion of the goal is to cook at least two new items every week.  I’m really working to eat better, eat at home more, and expand my culinary palette. By encouraging myself to try new foods both away from home and in my kitchen, I’m hoping to do that!

0 – Continue to work on items from last year’s list that are really life-long changes I hope to sustain.  Like continuing to workout with other people and consistently registering for charity events.  Constantly exploring and routinely sending snail mail. And most importantly, remembering to live life and be brave.  Just because I have six new goals to work on this year, I don’t want to forget the progress and journey I started last year.

1 – Complete one hour of exercise daily.  This is just a minimum and before you all freak about me overworking my body, it doesn’t have to be super intense.  Walking with a friend along the beach for 60 minutes counts. Riding an indoor bike while watching TV counts. Calming, restorative yoga counts. I do have other athletic goals in mind as well, but those may change as I monitor how my body feels so I will stick with this fundamental goal for now.

3 – Focus on three main ideas, philosophies, or just ways of life.  They are: fully-committed friendships, live more simply, and follow my passions.  Let me explain each a little more.

Fully-committed friendships will be my constant reminder that the most important relationships are those where both parties are invested and are willing to make it work. Nothing against lesser friendships that are more casual or relaxed, but I really want to spend time this year paying special attention to those core friends I have. I really make our relationships stronger and support them as much as they have supported me through all the changes and happenings of the past few years.

Live more simply is fairly self-explanatory, but I picked this with a few examples in mind. Really, I just want to multi-task less.  Especially with my new iPhone it is tempting to be checking in or updating or doing six things at once.  I strongly feel (and this is related to full-committed friendships) that when you’re in the presence of others, either enjoying a meal or just hanging out, that you should put away electronics. It’s just polite to show whomever you are with that they are important and worthy of your undivided attention.  I also fall into the habit of surfing on my iPad while watching a movie and stretching and eating lunch.  I want to slow down, really focus on each task and enjoy it. This should also help me get things done more efficiently than trying to compromise and do it all at once.

Follow my passions will hopefully keep me centered on travel, working with young adults, trying new creative outlets, helping those in need, and staying healthy and active. Life is too short to waste away days and years doing things that make us miserable.  I believe that if you are passionate enough about something, you’ll find a way to make it happen. So while I continue to struggle with what I want to do for a career and what I should do with my time off, I want to stay centered on things that I am truly passionate about and just go from there.


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