Cardiff to Carlsbad

Alright, I am sorry for slacking but I’m finally getting settled back into a routine here in sunny southern California.  The biggest news of the new year so far, is that I have moved!  When I first came out in August, the plan was to have a six-month lease so that hopefully I could make friends and/or find a roommate to make things cheaper (and more fun!).  I have decided to live with my good friend from high school, the one I came out to visit last spring. This has been a great decision so far, because we are both fairly similar on house things (laid-back, organized… ish, active, trying to cook more/eat better, etc).  For me, it will be nice to pay almost $400/month less than I was paying alone and there will be someone in the house while I continue to travel around the world (whoops?).

So enough about why I moved and with whom, let’s talk about where!  We are now in a “duplex” in Carlsbad, California.  The duplex is in quotes because this place is 2200 square feet, on our side alone, and is four bedrooms, 2.5 baths, two stories, two car garage, full patio, etc.  Every room is brightly colored in pinks, oranges, and yellows.  Which I think is kind of fun, but it’s also a little insane.  We wanted a space big enough that we aren’t forced to hang out all the time, or be cramped when friends come over.  It also has tons of storage, which was important for all of our athletic equipment (skis, snowboards, bikes, surfboards, tennis rackets, climbing gear, etc.).

So how is this monster cheaper than my two-bedroom apartment?  Simple, it’s east of the 5.  For those of you not from here, the 5 is the main highway that runs down the coast, about one mile from the beach.  To be west of the 5, like I was in Cardiff, is ideal and kind of exclusive.  That also makes it really expensive. We are not far to the east, a little less than a mile, so that makes us about two miles from the coast.  Easy running or biking and there’s a state park right where we intersect.

Carlsbad, at least where we are, is about five miles north of Cardiff as well.  This is nice for right now because a lot of what I do is up in this region (church, volunteering, climbing, running) but does make it a little bit more of a hike to the city.  Especially since the worst traffic is in that five-mile stretch.  To be honest, I’ll most likely look to move back to Cardiff or Solana Beach or Del Mar after this, but that’s not going to be until the end of November. For now, this is the place I need/want to be! Check out a few pictures below and look for more to come once I get more settled and can take better pictures.

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