Holidays in Heaven

The best part about the holidays this year was that it was something different!  Mom flew out here on the 22nd and we spent a full week exploring the region I now call home.  I can’t possibly recap everything that we did, but let’s just say we were  busy!  I took her to dinner at Ruby’s on the end of Oceanside pier, we went to my church, we explored the caves of La Jolla, and wandered through the Hotel del Coronado.

We actually did a great job of not eating out three times a day, but we did enjoy some key meals.  Like the sunset dinner at The Beach House in Cardiff where she had salmon and I had lobster (yummy!).  But we both decided that artichoke, even after being steamed for four hours, isn’t for us.  She tried fish tacos, a SoCal staple, and we went to a new place for yummy meat.  It’s a meat market, but has a diner attached.  She had sauerbraten and I had polish sausage and bratwurst.  So good!

Christmas eve we hung out with some friends of mine for dinner and games.  We also walked to the beach that night!  The day after Christmas we drove up north to Orange County to catch up with my dad’s cousins.  Non-stop laughter and great stories passed the time all too quickly 🙂  I’m sure there was tons more that we did, but that’s all I’ve got for now.

Oh, and New Years Eve was spent up here in Encinitas with some friends.  We had sushi for dinner then hung out at a local bar.  Pretty low-key and I was DD, which suited me just fine.  I hope you all had wonderful holidays as well and are off to a good start in 2013. Sorry if this seems kind of rushed, I just wanted to catch you all up so I can tell you about MOVING!!  Have a great Saturday, I’m off to yoga after my run!


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