Top Twelve Pics of 2012

These are twelve of my favorite pictures and moments from this year that I happened to capture on film.  There were numerous other experiences that I loved as well that aren’t represented here, but these are certainly some of the best 🙂 Oh, and for those of you wondering I did successfully complete all of my Goals for 2012. Thanks to everyone for helping me enjoy this crazy year… I already can’t wait for 2013!!


Vegas in February with Brian, who has re-entered my life as a great friend and soon-to-be roommate!  This also depicts the weekend when I first thought about Cali as a possibility for my relocation plan. And the night I literally ran the strip of Vegas 🙂


Random road-trip to Atlantic City in June (?) just because Claire and I had never been and that felt wrong since we lived so close!  This was one of the many driving trips I took throughout the year because I love my car. I also just really like my self-portrait skills here, lol.

moving 013

This image makes me laugh in and of itself. The events leading up to this picture were the sale of my townhouse in Ashburn and the hours, days, and weeks of organizing and packing all of my earthly possessions.  A necessary evil for my big move.

June 002

The lovely Social Studies women at my (former) school, who were not only incredible to work with but amazing people to know.  This pictures also serves to represent the five amazing years I spent there and all of my co-workers and students that I miss!


Standing on the heads of Presidents in Houston, TX.  What a funky thing to say. This is from my migration west with Paige and reminds me of all the wonderfully wild and weird experiences and adventures we had!  I’m so thankful she could join me and make the trek that much more enjoyable.

SD 020

SoCal life. Hanging out on a sunny afternoon in La Jolla Cove, just watching the waves and listening to the sea lions.  My first few months here were full of excitement and exploration as I’ve tried to learn more about my new home.

029 (2)

Oh goodness, my ten-year high school reunion.  This was a highlight for me because I helped organize the event and it was great to see everyone come together to plan and then celebrate.  These lovely ladies (Jenny and Claire) were just two of the fabulous friends I enjoyed seeing again throughout the weekend.  This also serves to remind me how far we’ve all come in ten short years and how quickly time passes and things change.

Animals 092

Here I am after my sprint triathlon in October. This was just one of many races I enjoyed participating in this year and I hope to do more triathlons next spring and summer!  But first, I have to fight through a half marathon at the end of January. But back to 2012, I have really loved being in a warm, sunny place where I can be outside as much as possible.


Again, I just wanted to prove to everyone that it really is like Heaven here 😉  Sailing off Coronado and in Mission Bay has been some of the best days because it’s away from the noise of the city and with good friends.  I still need to get the hang of “real” sailing, but I like the tame stuff so far!


Best shot of the year and I didn’t even take it!  This is on Easter Island (obviously) in November and was taken by our tour guide Marc.  Just another illustration of how much fun I’ve had this year and how much I needed a little time off and change of pace from life as I knew it.  How cool is this shot, though?


Friends. Family. Foreign Countries. Food. These are the things most important to me in life, and all are shown here in this photo taken on our “last” night on Easter Island with my cousin, aunt, and her neighbor (my new friend).  I wish everyone would remember to take time to pause and appreciate the world around them just a little more.

Mammoth 077

And I’ll finish up with this shot, taken in December at Mammoth Ski Resort in California.  This just summarizes what I want to be about: taking off on random road trips with guys I’m getting to know to do thrilling things like skiing on perfectly conditioned days.  I pray that 2013 brings many more weekends like this one, for me and for you!

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  1. Belinda
    Dec 31, 2012 @ 19:15:04

    Becoming your friend and sharing an adventure in Chile will always top my list of memories.
    Happy New Year! Belinda



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