Run, Run Rudolph

This post is two-fold so bear with me.  First, the running portion.  So I know that training for a half-marathon is a commitment and a lot of work and potentially monotonous. Blah, blah, blah. Well today, I was planning on going for my 4.5 mile run after volunteering at church (more on that later).  But unfortunately, everything did not go as planned.

So I thought I’d try a new place to run, just to mix things up.  But I realized halfway to church that I had forgotten my watch and iPod.  Then when I got out of the car, it was colder than I thought it was going to be.  And it was raining, lightly.  About that time I was second-guessing my choice to even run.  I wanted to throw in the towel.  Then my hair-tie broke. The straw that was trying so hard to break the camel’s back.  But at that point so much was against me (as the wind kicked up) that I said, to hell with it, and I started running. Without music, or time, or a jacket, or anything.

It was a decent run, not my best but not my worst.  The point for me was pushing through all the factors that were telling me no and getting my run in anyway. Today’s workout was definitely more about mental toughness than physical strength.  And the location was nice too, it’s a paved trail similar to the W&OD Trail in VA.  More of a bike trail, but good for running because it doesn’t cross roads and is marked for mileage.  It runs along the San Luis Rey River in Oceanside, for those of you out here and is nine miles in length.

The Christmas aspect of this post is about how I am getting into the holiday spirit.  I’ve had my tree up for weeks, but it doesn’t really get cold or snow here and there are no presents under the tree yet.  Yesterday, I spent the extended morning sorting, cataloging, and arranging hundreds of presents at church.  One huge group of gifts were sent off to various charities throughout North County.  Another huge group were set up like a store for military parents in need so they can come through and shop for their kids.

It was really humbling to work all morning with willing volunteers for such great causes.  And it was fun to envision all the happy kids’ faces on Christmas morning.  After that, I stopped by my friend’s work for a holiday party.  She’s a social worker with the elderly and we had a lovely lunch followed by puzzles, a white elephant exchange, and raffles!  The residents were all really nice and we had a great time, some of them are a hoot.  It was just nice to enjoy a holiday meal with such a welcoming group, and to see my friend at work!

Safe travels for everyone taking off to see loved ones for the holidays and don’t forget: the more you work out the more you can eat 😉

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