I Miss My Kids

Alright guys, here’s the deal: I miss my students in Virginia.  Of course I miss my family and my friends too, but I keep in touch with them.  I know what’s going on in their lives.  And a part of this may be that I miss working, and am starting to get a little antsy to get back out in the workforce.  But when I strip all the feelings and emotions down (something I’m working on in life to help me focus on who and what I truly care about), I see that what I truly feel is that I miss interacting with my 150 or so 9th and 10th graders.  And I miss my past students even more.

I miss them dropping by in-between classes just to say hi. I miss them driving me crazy during lunch duty. I miss trying not to laugh at “that’s what she said” jokes whispered during group-work. I miss my gymnasts goofing off on bus trips and my class officers and their drama-filled lives.  I miss dancing in the hallways between classes and calling kids out for PDAs. I miss them quizzing me on where I live and what I do in my free time, because they just want to know me better (and kill class time). I miss high school football and pep rallies.  I miss troubled students coming in early or staying late just to have someone to talk to.  I miss special kids screaming out “TYPO!” when I had errors on my PowerPoint presentations. I miss them all with all their quirks.

That being said, I’m not living in a warped-reality where I don’t remember the harder times too.  I remember the tough kids, the harder parents, the paperwork and bureaucracy, the long nights and early mornings. But, I choose to embrace the bad with the good and those kids I miss are what made it all worth it for me.  This also isn’t to say I regret leaving, I don’t at all.  My professional life needed a break in order to give me the opportunity to focus on the rest of my life, which desperately needed some attention.

But this realization has made me think about going back to teaching or getting back in a high school setting in some way, shape, or form.  I’m not sure yet how this will fit into my plans to pursue additional degrees or slightly different avenues in the school system.  Maybe I’ll tutor or be an assistant or coach or go full-time or work with the high-schoolers at our church. I don’t know right now. I just know that if I’ve learned anything this year, it’s to follow your passions no matter what it takes, because you won’t regret it…

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