Mammoth Man-trip

This past weekend a group of us were scheduled to drive a few hours to Big Bear Mountain near San Diego for a ski trip.  However, cold weather and snow has been scarce so far this winter and there wasn’t going to be much open.  So we called an audible mid-week and decided to drive up to Mammoth instead.  Totally reasonable, right?  The group got smaller and ended up being myself and four of the guys, in a Jetta for seven hours with all of our gear.  Thank goodness for the Rocket Box on top to hold our skis and boards!

The freshly-groomed slopes

The freshly groomed slopes

Let me start by saying that I LOVE to ski and it’s been a long time since I have had other people to ski with (other than my yearly ski trip with UVA people).  And it’s also been a long time since I’ve skied anywhere outside of Virginia.  I have also never been to the Sierra Nevada Mountains and didn’t really know what to expect.  It made it better that we left after dark and got in to our hotel around 2:30am on Friday night/Saturday morning.  This was after riding in the middle of the backseat and keeping the rotating drivers awake.

Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain

Saturday morning we woke up early to hit the slopes and I was stunned by the scenery.  The ski slopes and the surrounding mountains were gorgeous!  None of us really knew how skilled we all were, but we grabbed our skis and started easy since it was the beginning of the season.  The snow conditions were perfect after the 20 inches they got last week, and many of the trails were nicely groomed.  After an endless morning of skiing with no lift lines, we piled into the gondola for lunch at the summit.  The restaurant is at 11,053 feet and we all warmed up while enjoying the view.

Riding the Gondola Up!

Riding the Gondola Up!

More skiing all afternoon until the slopes closed, then we hit the hot tubs for some muscle relaxation.  We followed that up with showers, pizza, and a movie… then crashed hard into our beds, lol.  Sunday was more of the same: tons of skiing, lots of sunshine, no lines, and just a good time.  Only difference was that some of the more adventurous of us attacked the bowls at the top of the mountain.  Incredible. And some of the best skiing I’ve ever done. Ever.

The incredible Sierra Nevadas

The incredible Sierra Nevadas

After two long days we crammed our sore legs back into the Jetta and set off towards home.  But what road-trip wouldn’t be complete without too much food at the end?  We paused at Lucille’s BBQ and gorged ourselves on ribs, sweet potato fries, fried okra, cinnamon biscuits, mashed potatoes, and mac ‘n cheese.  Not quite sure how we fit back into the car after that, but we did.  I can’t wait for our next trip and feel blessed to have found such great friends that are up for adventures!

Me and My Gang

Me and My Gang

This was just a sampling of pictures, but be sure to check out more on Facebook and happy December!


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