Thanksgiving Thoughts

Good morning world and Happy Thanksgiving! I’m hanging out in Boulder, CO with my immediate family. My mom and brother and niece, Rachel, flew in from Virginia and met me in the Denver airport yesterday. We drove up here to meet my sister-in-law after work. It was a slow day as several of us are fighting off colds, sleep, and soreness. We did manage to make it to the playground though.

We have a pretty low-key day planned and aren’t even going to attempt a turkey until tomorrow. My cousin, Kelsey, lives in Boulder too, so she’s going to join us 🙂 We may tour the Celestial Seasonings tea factory one day or go to the Denver zoo. Rachel is two and quite active, but this morning she and I sat and played Dr. Panda on my iPad. It’s a super cute kids game that involves animals (her favorite) and she’s really good at it.

Okay, back to what I’m thankful for: my family, both immediate and extended, is first and foremost. A close second is my friends, both the new ones I have in California that have taken me in and the old ones who go out of their way to keep in touch across the continent. I’m also thankful that I live in the United States and have the freedom to move across the country and start over, which of course lends itself to being thankful for those overseas fighting that can’t be with their families today. I’m thankful that I live half a mile from the ocean and can run, walk, bike, and drive along the coast whenever I want.

I’m thankful that I was a teacher for five years, because the lessons I learned and experiences I had were invaluable. I’m thankful for my father, who was the best I could’ve ever had. I’m thankful that I’ve managed to stay fairly injury-free this year so I can be as active as I love to be. I’m thankful for Funshine, my car, and all the adventures we’ve been on together. I’m thankful for patience, which I don’t have a lot of, but am working on. I think that’s all for now, at least that jumped into my head while being distracted by my niece, who by the way wishes for a stop sign when asked what she wishes for. Love her.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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