This Morning, I Ran Up a Mountain

This weekend I have been running around like crazy trying to unpack, do laundry, re-pack, shop, organize, get stuff done, etc.  Yesterday I decided I was going to hike the Potato Chip Trail in Poway because I had some errands to run there anyway.  Unfortunately, when I woke up this morning I realized I had way too much to do in addition to a 4-6 hour hike.  And it would be more fun to do that particular hike with others.  I also remembered that I needed to get in a 4-5 mile run today too. Boo.

So I decided instead to do the Iron Mountain hike that I did several months ago with a meetup group. We hiked at night on a full moon though, so this would be different.  Then I thought, why not just run the mountain? Nbd. So I set off on the 6.6 mile trail (round-trip, with 1,000 ft of elevation gained). My plan was to run as much as I could, but walk the more vertical and/or technical sections.  It’s a moderate hike, but there are sections with a lot of rocks.  So I slowed down through those parts, because the time is not worth an injury.

It was kinda fun to run, I mean parts I hated going up, but then I would look around and remember where I was.  And walk.  Coming back down is just fun for me.  I love to bound down hills and let my legs fly when it was a good path or hop around boulders when it was rough.  There were a good number of people on the trail: families, older couples, gal pals, etc.  Just reaffirms how much I love this area and the people who choose to embrace it like I do.  It was a “fun” workout, but now back to packing for Colorado!!


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