Americans in Chile: Days 9-11

This post is about our trip in Chile, but it’s also about running. We’re back in Santiago and took a walking tour yesterday. Then we wandered through the fish and fruit/veggies market and snacked along the way. It was a pretty relaxing day but we were on us feet from 9:30am to 11:30pm.
In the evening we (really, Belinda) cooked dinner for Brett’s international house. Most of the other students have cooked a traditional meal from their home country, but Brett doesn’t cook so we helped him out. He did mash a mean potato though. When we got home, our attention turned to America and the political elections. It was cool to watch those from a foreign country with people from elsewhere.
Now on the the fitness part of this. Monday was day one of my twelve weeks of training for the half marathon I’m running in January. Luckily, Monday is a “stretch and strength” day so I went into an empty room in the hostel and did my exercises and stretches for about an hour.
Maybe I should back up a minute. After my sprint triathlon two weeks ago, I decided to rest until this Monday to give my body a little break before running SO much in the next three months to train. I’m nervous about injuries like last time in Virginia beach, so I wanted to start with fresh legs. That has been hard, especially as I’ve been traveling and eating so much good food, because I can feel myself getting heavier, but hopefully not too much and I can cut it out once I get home. Because I don’t want to miss out on sampling the traditional foods down here! But I also don’t see myself meeting my goal of losing five pounds by my birthday. But I digress, and will come back to that once I’m home.
Yesterday I had to get in a three mile run, my first of training! So I headed out on the streets and aimed for a park ten blocks away. I was dodging people, cars, and dogs, but it was kind of thrilling. Once in the park I was pleased to find a jogging track of hard packed sand and small stones. After a few laps I headed home. The most surprising thing was that I didn’t see a single female running or jogging or walking for exercise. There were tons of males of all ages, and some high school boys that were ashamed to be passed by me, lol. I got whistles, honks, and shouts all through the streets, which was good for my self esteem because I was going fairly slowly, lol. But I realized they just aren’t used to seeing women running.
Today I have to cross train, so I’ll just walk a ton. But training is officially underway… Yikes! My ultimate goal is to beat my time from Virginia Beach (2:35) which should be easy, and ideally I will run much faster than that. Anyway, I am excited to run on Easter Island tomorrow!!

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