Chilean Adventure: Days 1-2

This trip started for me in San Diego, taking a shuttle to the airport. This worked it remarkably well, I got there on time, it was cheap, I wasn’t there 100 hours early, and my baggage wasn’t damaged. After a three hour flight to Dallas, which at this point I don’t even remember… I think I read? I know I drank a Diet Dr. Pepper. And I know it was on time, which was all I really cared about. I had 50 minutes to get off the crowded plane, grab a snack, find my aunt, and our gate. Before the plane took off without me, never mind that boarding started 10 minutes after I landed. But I’m a professional at DFW and did it no problem.

My aunt, Cynthia, and her neighbor, Belinda, and I were seated together but I was right in front of them. I put in head phones and pretended not to know them as they had a night cap before dosing off for the night. Dinner was a creamy pasta and a good caramel brownie. When I woke up in the morning, we had a croissant and yogurt before disembarking. Then began the waiting inline, first to pay the $160 American fee, then to go through immigration, and finally through customs. About two hours total, and then again at the ATM before taking a taxi into Santiago to our hostel. We checked in had a few moments to relax before running out into the city to explore with my cousin Brett!

First, lunch at a cute cafe around the corner. We had raspberry or strawberry smoothies with our turkey sandwiches (heavy on the avocado, light on everything else). We plotted our course and braved the metro to the far side of the city. Then we took a free bus to the top of Cerro San christobel and saw the huge statue of the Virgin Mary. There was an adorable church and gorgeous flowers all around, as well as a panoramic view of the city. We drove back down and wandered through a few cute squares and shops where we picked up a few souvenirs and gifts. By this time it was dinner time, ish, and we were tired so we found another cute cafe for food.

One of the top drinks in town is pisco sour, which is a sweet drink with basil ground up. Heavenly and I have the recipe for future parties! I had a killer teriyaki chicken Caesar salad after our appetizer of bruschetta. Cynthia had tilapia that was really good too. Then we ventured onto the city bus at rush hour to get back to our hostel, which was fun and we drove past the Chilean White House on the way. Now we’re just hanging out at the hostel and planning for tomorrow’s adventures. This place is super cute, has less than 10 rooms, amazing staff, and is perfect for us! I’m exhausted, so I’m going to end now but I’ll update again soon!

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