Chilean Adventure Itinerary

In roughly an hour I will be picked up and taken to the airport to begin my 19 day trip to Chile!  This will be my second time below the Equator and to South America (I went to Bolivia in 2006) and I’m very excited.  I’ll be traveling with my aunt (Cynthia), her neighbor (Belinda), and my cousin (Brett).  He’s a student at UC Berkeley and is studying abroad down there for the semester, hence the trip. I haven’t don’t a ton of research about where we’re going, and just plan to go with the flow and take in this new culture.  I’m not awesome at Spanish (aka terrible) so that should be interesting.  It’s the beginning of their summer, so temperatures are supposed to be in the 70s, but we will be at high altitude in the north so nights might drop into the 30s.

I’m not going to go into super detail here about what we’re doing, because I want you to come back and read about it as the trip progresses.  I will be updating as we go from my iPad, but I’m not sure how uploading pictures is going to work so you may have to wait until I return to see those. Here’s a rough itinerary of our trip:

Sun, Oct 28th – I fly to Dallas and overnight to Santiago after meeting up with Cyn/Belinda in DFW

Mon, Oct 29th – Weds, Oct 31st – We check into hostel and tour Santiago while Brett goes to class

Thurs, Nov 1st – All of us fly to Calama in northern Chile; drive an hour to San Pedro de Atacama

Fri, Nov 2nd – Sun, Nov 4th – We will go on tours to: a moon valley, salt lake, geysers, and lagoons

Mon, Nov 5th – All of us drive back to Calama, then fly back to Santiago and check back into hostel

Tues, Nov 6th – Weds, Nov 7th – Ladies tour Santiago; Brett attends class; day trip to Argentina?

Thurs, Nov 8th – We all fly to Easter Island, where we’ll be staying in a local’s guest house

Fri, Nov 9th – Mon, Nov 12th – All-day tour on Friday, then will ride horses, hike, and explore

Tues, Nov 13th – We all fly back to Santiago, Brett goes “home”, the ladies fly overnight to Dallas

Weds, Nov 14th – I fly back to San Diego and Cyn/Belinda go home to Richmond


For now, here’s a few maps to help orient you with my trip. First, a world map that shows Easter Island, which is technically owned by Chile even though it’s really far away.

Easter Island is the star

Second, a map of Chile showing Santiago, Calama (blue dot) and San Pedro de Atacama (red dot).


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