Courtney Came to Cardiff

This past week I have had the privilege of showing my good friend Courtney around my new town!  She and I have known each other since Kindergarten and been friends ever since.  We knew we wanted to do a few things: go to the zoo, relax, explore, and have fun.  Easy!!  She got in late Saturday night and Sunday morning I had my triathlon, so we took it easy Sunday afternoon and just drove up the coast, stopping on the beach and in shops and stores all the way up.  We walked the pier in Carlsbad and then headed inland to San Marcos for a movie.

Monday we walked to the beach for a morning run, then rewarded ourselves with a donut from VG’s on the way home.  After that was a full, and I mean full, day of walking around the San Diego Zoo.  This was my first time going since I moved here and I was pleasantly surprised with all there is.  My favorites this time were the red panda and the koalas.  So cool and I really could watch them forever.  I’m excited to go back in a few months to see our panda baby!  Check out the pictures on Facebook if you haven’t seen them yet (and the rest of the pictures from Courtney’s trip).  After the zoo we hit up Ocean Beach for fish tacos.  I think I successfully converted Court to this delicious tradition in SD County.

Paddle-boarding was also on our list, so Tuesday we headed up to Carlsbad Lagoon where I had a Groupon for a two-hour rental.  We took off along the coast, after learning that we didn’t have to wear life jackets (yay!), and started exploring.  We paddled past houses, beaches, birds, jumping fish, dogs, and to the far end of the lagoon… and then turned around… straight into the wind.  The journey back was much longer and took a little more effort, but we made it with no major disasters!  Then we hit the beach for a little while, although it was a little cool, it was perfect for reading and hanging out.  For dinner we tried Besta-Wan Pizza in Cardiff, which is always slammed with people.  I had penne pasta with ham and peas, which was SO good!  I remembered to ask for the cream sauce on the side, which is my new thing now and really cuts down on the calories.  I can dip my fork for each bite and get the flavor without feeling weighed down and bloated at the end of the meal.  It helped that we walked over the hill and back, and we were able to sit on the deck and just relax.  I’ll definitely head back to try pizza soon.

Courtney’s final full day here was her birthday!!  We did it big with a morning tour of La Jolla cove, then a sailboat ride off Coronado Island.  X hooked us up with that and was our captain. He kept us safe and only scared us with the tip of the boat a few times early on (until he got tired of the screams).  I’ve never been on a sailboat like that, a 25′ one, and it was intense.  Court and I learned how to sail it ourselves by the end and got the hang of it!  It was a lot of fun, but you really have to trust the watercraft… I’m not sure I’m fully there yet, but I had a great time soaking up the sun in the bay and relaxing.  After sailing, Courtney and I walked around the island and then settled on sushi for dinner.  Another new experience for me was an appetizer of monkey balls.  I have zero clue why they are called that, but it is essentially stuffed mushrooms that are deep-fried.  Yum.

To end the night (and Courtney’s trip) we met up with a wild mix of people at Shout House, a dueling pianos bar, for drinks and entertainment.  I think everyone had a good time and I know that Court and I at least had rough voices this morning from singing along all night.  Just a good time with a fun crowd and a great way for some of my different groups of friends to meet out here, thanks again to everyone who came!  That’s all for now, I need to get organized before my trip down south.  I’ll post our itinerary before I leave on Sunday, but bye for now!

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  1. Raymond Oliver
    Oct 26, 2012 @ 21:29:27

    Karen Glad you & Court had a great time Always enjoy your blogs. Know you are excited about your trip to see Brett & Easter Island. Have a fantastic time & keep us up with pictures. Love & Blessings, G- Dad & G- Mom O



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