Frightening, Fun, and Foreign Films

Here are a few more movie reviews for you all to check out, I hope they help!

Looper (aka the Frightening one): This movie isn’t actually a horror movie and wouldn’t scare the average viewer. But I’m a wuss when it comes to suspense and guns and creeping. All of which this movie had. It also had some thinking elements where you had to pay attention to keep up with what was happening. Basically the future version of the main character has been sent back to the present to be killed by himself in our time. Clearly chaos ensues and all does not go as planned. Even though it’s not my genre, I actually didn’t hate it and would recommend it to most!

Pitch Perfect (aka the Fun one): Obviously, this is a girly movie. It’s about college a capella group, and an all girls one at that. I really enjoyed it though! Enough comedy mixed in with great song mash-ups and of course the token eye candy. It was a little like Mean Girls meets You Got Served. Now, that being said… it is what it is, a cute funny movie. Would I necessarily spend the money to see it in theaters? Eh. But if you’re a Glee fan, definitely check it out! Oh, and UVA fans look for our Hullabahoos towards the end too šŸ™‚

The Intouchables (aka the Foreign one): I had only read the synopsis of this movie once, but it was playing at the cute historic theater in my town so I wandered over to check it out tonight. The biggest surprise? It was in French. The subtitles helped, and I forgot about it eventually. The plot itself was about an ex-con whose drifting through life and falls into a job assisting a rich, older quadriplegic gentleman. In true feel-good fashion, it’s a great story and both men help each other in ways they didn’t see coming. It also served as a reminder that sometimes stepping out of my usual box is rewarding! I’m not sure if this is playing nation-wide, but if it is you should check it out!


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