Doing what I do…

I’ve just been living life this week, and really trying to enjoy it as it comes.

I forgot to mention that I went to the San Diego Safari Park on Sunday with some friends.  It was really cool to ride around “Africa” and see rhinos, giraffes, gorillas, zebras, etc.  It’s very obvious that the park was originally built to be breeding grounds for the main San Diego Zoo and not as a tourist site, because you can’t walk to everything.  Unfortunately, they have turned this into a huge up-sale opportunity and everything costs more on top of the price of entry.  Lucky for me, I went in on a dual membership for the year so I get to go “free” to both parks and look at super cute/unique animals!

Monday morning I helped out with a new volunteer organization that I’m really excited to get involved with.  It’s called Just In Time and it’s mission statement is to help young adults who have aged out of the foster care system adjust to life on their own.  There are several different branches of this organization, but I was helping with the “My First Home” program.  Basically we were picking up a furniture donation and then delivering piece to those young adults that needed those specific pieces.  Anything extra we took to storage so future youth can come and shop for what they need.  This program basically helps furnish apartments that young adults rent, in order to make their living space their own and something they are proud of and want to spend time in.  It was really cool and the organization as a whole is filling a need that is often overlooked.

The rest of my time has been spent working out and working on projects.  I’m cranking out my college applications and am trying to get my portions done before I head down south (more on that later).  I just started going back to yoga at a studio nearby that I tried for free and really liked.  Then a Groupon posted so now I’ll get 20 lessons for about $2.50 each.  For those who know yoga studios, that’s an amazing deal!  They have a wide range of classes and times at three studios near me so I’m excited to start that.  This is my last week of hard training for my sprint triathlon and then I’ll cut back to rest next week.  Climbing has been going well, I’m slowly getting stronger and really like the group.  Oh, and I finished the mud run in 35:17, which made me finisher 463 out of 6,161.  Go me! I guess that’s about it for now.  Happy Wednesday everyone!

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