Getting Down and Dirty

First, I want to talk about what I did last night.  I went, with three others, to the Old Globe Theater in Balboa Park for an exciting production.  We saw Allegiance, which is a new musical about a Japanese-American family.  The play shown through the eyes of an old man, looking back 60 years into his past and the choices he and his family were forced to make.  Basically, they were forced into an internment camp in the U.S. after the Japanese Empire bombed Pearl Harbor.  Some chose to swear allegiance to the U.S. and fight for our military, while others refused to turn their back on their heritage and were forced into labor camps.

This is a really interesting side of World War II that few Americans know about, or give much thought to.  We spend so much time pointing fingers at the Germans and wondering how the average German person could live so close to their concentration camps and not know the harm being done there.  Granted, that was on a larger and more deadly scale, but the fact remains that the U.S. uprooted thousands of families, took their land, and forced them to live behind fences… right here on American soil.  This obviously isn’t something that the government is terribly proud of, but it’s about time we talk about it and educate future generations to hopefully prevent similar actions in the future.  Sorry, I’ll get off my soapbox now, I just love that this musical is educating people about a little-known topic.  It was incredibly written and performed, with Star Trek legend George Takei playing a major role in production and acting in it as well!

Then after that serious, but really enjoyable night, I was up early this morning to participate in the Del Mar Mud Run.  This was a 3.1 mile run through the Del Mar race track (horse-racing) grounds and over/through 16 obstacles along the way.  We did everything from crawl under wires to jump over jersey walls.  We had to swing on monkey bars and scramble up tunnels before sliding down ramps into pits of mud.  There were waves going off every hour from 8am to 1pm with thousands of participants in each group.  The cool thing was that a portion of all the proceeds went towards the Challenged Athletes Foundation, which helps provide tons of motivated individuals get the equipment and support they need to keep competing after tragic injuries alter their bodies.

I’m not even sure what my time was yet, I think somewhere in the 45 minute range, but that definitely wasn’t the point.  The point was to have a ton of fun running through the mud for a good cause.  Afterwards, we donated our shoes to Project Soles, which will either clean them up and donate them to people in need, or will break down the over-used shoes and recycle the rubber to resurface or create rubber tracks at disadvantaged schools throughout the country to promote running and physical fitness.  We were also given soap showers and free flip-flops to wear home after donating!  All in all, an extremely cool event and one that I’m glad I participated in.  Check out a few pictures in my Facebook album. This has been a humbling weekend so far as I have learned and thought about different groups of people and the very, very small part I can play in helping them out.


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