Attempts at “Healthy” Cooking

I have actually been trying to eat better when I’m at home recently.  And I’ve learned the easiest way to do that is to just not have unhealthy options in the house.  That’s easier said than done, but I’m trying.  I haven’t been so great about finding new recipes and actually cooking though, but I have had a few successes.

Attempt #1 at Broccoli Quiche

Probably the most ambitious was the broccoli and cheese quiche I made a few weeks ago.  The recipe called for a brown rice crust instead of something yummier and I think my issue was that my pie pan was smaller than called for, so the rice was thicker and thus didn’t get as crunchy as it should have.  The smaller size also presented a problem when pouring the filling in, and I had some overflow issues.  But once I got all of that under control, it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve made and I ate it instead of eating out, so that’s a win (kinda).  I do actually look forward to trying this again with appropriate ratios and could even serve this to other people once perfected.

Skinny Taco Dip

The next dish I tried to make was completely successful, but not one that I myself could enjoy.  The first week of my small group for church we had a potluck with a Mexican fiesta theme.  So I agreed to make a taco dip of sorts for an appetizer.  I was determined to make something healthy in disguise and see how people reacted.  So I found a recipe for a “skinny” taco dip that used fat-free sour cream and cream cheese, salsa, olives, lettuce, tomatoes, and reduced fat cheese.  Not the MOST healthy, but it was only 54 calories per serving instead of 143 so better!  After reading the list of ingredients those of you who know me know that I wasn’t about to eat it (tomatoes aren’t my thing) but it did get rave reviews from the group and from the guys who polished off the leftovers.  It would be great for football parties too and only look about 10 minutes to prepare!

Berry Salad w/ Asiago Parmesan Brea

Berry Salad w/ Honey Chipotle Chicken

The last “healthy” food I want to talk about is my favorite salad to munch on at home. It’s basically spinach, whatever berries I have, feta cheese (reduced fat), and a little raspberry vinaigrette.  I add almonds or walnuts when I have them or shredded chicken if I have leftovers.   One day I had it with a side of asiago Parmesan cheese from the farmer’s market and another day I had it with honey chipotle chicken I cooked for the guys with brown rice. That night we had the rest of the berries with angel food cake and cool whip for a perfect late summer dessert. Yum 🙂  That was also the night I had four other people in my house at one time and we chatted for a while before playing Killer Bunnies (a game).  It felt like a real night of fun and friends, which I have been missing!  Well, that’s all for now but I’ll update about my sports-filled  weekend soon.

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