Stressing and Sleeping…

This past week I have kicked my studying into high gear.  I’m applying to grad schools, as I’m sure I’ve talked about on here before.  The first requirement in this process is to take, and pass, the GRE.  So I’m hitting the books and studying.  All the time. And it’s PAINFUL.  Especially for those unfortunate enough to be working near me while I study.  I know that I look like my life is ending while I sit and stare at the screen, trying to get through those excruciating reading comprehension sections.  I’ve tried to get out of the house some days and study in coffee shops or at the library, but they are so distracting!  I can do the math no problem, but the freaking verbal.  Ugh. I keep telling myself that if I can struggle through with those distractions, I’ll be that much better when I’m in solitary confinement on test day, which is next Thursday.

The sleeping side of this post is that I woke up Monday morning feeling like CRAP. My head was absolutely pounding, to the point where it was hard to focus on anything, much less studying, so I went back to bed.  And I didn’t get out again until almost 7pm.  Even then, I only got to my papasan chair before collapsing.  My body ached, my stomach didn’t feel awesome, and my head… oh my head. After two hours of that, I was back in bed for the rest of the night.  Tuesday I was feeling a little better, my body wasn’t so sore and sluggish and my stomach was better, but my head still throbbed.  I stayed out of bed most of the day and even ventured out to walk around a little in the evening, but no studying happened.

Yesterday I felt better (ish) and as a result, probably did too much, but I was beginning to panic a little about two lost days of studying so I hit the books hard.  I crashed last night with a massive headache again, but thankfully I’m holding my own today.  As long as I don’t psych myself out, I should be okay.  I just keep coming back to the fact that they won’t care how good the math is, because the verbal and essays are the parts that pertain to the programs I’m applying for.  It has been a long time since I’ve taken a standardized test, and a high-stakes one at that.

One more week of this mess… assuming I pass.  *sigh*  Alright, enough pity party, back to studying.


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