San Diego Restaurant Week

I ate out an unusual amount this past week due, in large part, to San Diego’s restaurant week!  I went to one lunch and one dinner, but then had another amazing dinner thrown in there as well.  So here we go with a few reviews and it was just announced that the deals will continue this coming week as well… yay!

The French Gourmet (La Jolla) I went here for lunch and opted for the Steak Pommes Frites, which was a little heavy for lunch but very good!  The herb butter they used on the steak added just the right amount of flavor and the veggies were perfectly cooked.  The fries weren’t quite crispy enough for my liking, which was good because I didn’t feel the need to eat them all.  They brought out a French loaf before the meal, complete with butter and jam to do it like the French do 😉  The dessert I chose was their chocolate cake, complete with chocolate ganache.  I’m not a super chocolate person, but it was good!  Not sure I’d eat that heavy for lunch again but I’d definitely explore the bakery items some more.

Tao (Normal Heights) – This is a Vietnamese Japanese restaurant with a ton of vegan, vegetarian, and delicious options.  I went with a group so I could sample several entrees, a great idea!  We were served a light tofu salad with a beet dressing as an appetizer, which was good.  They make their own tofu there and it actually wasn’t terrible!  I’m not a tofu person usually, but I did try both the cold and grilled varieties.  I ordered a shrimp pineapple salad because I wasn’t terribly hungry and it was really good.  It even came with a pineapple dressing that had a little bit of a kick to it.

The others got meat or mock meat dishes, which you chose your level of heat (0-10).  Our group played it safe with level 3’s, which were more than enough for me!  The mock chicken was actually pretty good and the prices were reasonable for that style of fair.  The best part?  We got free sherbet as a dessert!  The choice that evening was mango coconut or ginger green tea (I had the former).  A pleasant surprise and perfect sweet ending to the spicy meal!  I will definitely go back and am so glad we tried it!

Chart House (Cardiff) – I’m not going to lie, I was MOST excited about this one.  There are three seafood restaurants right on the ocean and we had made a reservation right at sunset.  The location could not have been more perfect!  It was open-air as well so we could hear the ocean while we ate.  Going in we decided to split/share each of the courses because it all sounded so good.  For appetizers we had lobster spring rolls, which were more meat than filler but could’ve been a tad more crispy for me, and a shrimp and crab dip served with baked, thin strips of bread.  This was really cheesy, but really good as well.

Our main courses were an herb-crusted salmon that I could’ve eaten entirely by myself.  It came with a wild rice and had the perfect amount of crust on top.  SO good!  The other dish was beef short ribs.  This one’s tough because they were good, as were the potatoes they came with, but they were “fancy ribs” and that’s not really my style.  I prefer a rack, smothered in sweet sauce… but for what they were, the meat was certainly tender and cooked to perfection.  For dessert we had their signature Lava Cake (warm, melting, gooey chocolate) and a trio of fruit sorbets of which the mango and blackberry were the smoothest and most delicious, but the raspberry was still amazing.

Now that I’ve made you totally jealous, I think I need to go out for my second workout of the day to combat the delicious food I’ve consumed this week!

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