Redbox Reviews

The Babymakers – The concept behind this movie was decent, in theory.  Basically a guy and his wife want to have babies but he can’t, so he and his friends scheme to rob the sperm bank where he made contributions before they were married to make money.  Obviously this doesn’t go quite as planned, but I won’t ruin the movie for you.  There were funny moments of course, but overall… ehhhhh.  That’s really all I can contribute to this review, which is telling in and of itself.  Redbox it at best, or save the dollar to get a large soda at McDonald’s.

My Way – This movie was a 180 turn from The Babymakers and was based on the true story of two boys/men during World War II.  They were runners, one from the upper class of Japan and the other from the working class of Korea, who met as children.  Through a series of events, their Olympic dreams were squashed when the war broke out and they each took very different paths into military service.  The beauty of the story was the emphasis on relationship during times of tragedy and turmoil.  Both end up under Soviet and then German control by the end… which allows the movie to highlight battles on the Pacific and Atlantic fronts, as well as in Russia.  If I were still teaching, I would consider showing this movie (although it’s rated R for some unnecessarily graphic battle scenes).  For now though, you should watch it when you get the chance!

Lola Versus – Taking off in yet another direction, I just watched this movie this morning.  I didn’t really know what it was going in, but I had a free movie rental at the new wannabe Redbox in town.  It’s basically a story about an upper-20-something girl who is trying to figure her life out amidst a whirlwind of friends, guys, and dreams.  It was cute.  Which those of you familiar with my vocabulary knows, isn’t necessarily a good thing.  It’s definitely a movie for my demographic: young, professional female with a little too much free time on her hands.  It was great to put on while working in the house and would be decent for a girls movie night, but absolutely don’t drag your male significant others or friends into it with you.  They’ll loath you and most likely force you to watch some terrible sci-fi movie to repay them.


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