Virginia “Vacation”

Yesterday I told you about my high school reunion, which was the main reason for my quick trip back East.  But while I was there, I got a lot of other things accomplished.  First and foremost, I got my haircut.  This sounds trivial but Debby is really the only person who has ever cut my hair.  Ever. In my life.  And I haven’t gotten around to finding a good hairdresser out here in SD so I figured I’d take advantage of being home to get my haircut one last night!

That was Thursday and immediately after I went to my old school and saw a lot of my former co-workers and students.  It was amazing to see everyone, especially the kids.  I realized two things while wandering around the school. First, that I miss the people in that building and  I miss interacting with that many people in a day. Most days I interact with less than five people a day.  I need more social interaction than that.  Second, I do not miss teaching in that setting.  Specifically, the paperwork and parent drama and overtime hours.

Saturday my mom and I drove up to Maryland to visit my cousins.  My oldest cousin and his girlfriend just had a baby.  She is just two months old and absolutely adorable!  She was very relaxed and happy to be passed from person to person all afternoon.  My youngest cousin up there was turning seventeen so we all helped celebrate her birthday.  Amazing lunch and a great time catching up with my family before heading into DC for the reunion.

One morning Mom and I got some yard work done and fixed some things around her house.  We also did some other errands and paperwork she needed to get done.  Sunday was the recipient ceremony for the Malone Foundation, which recognizes outstanding eighth graders in the county.  Mom and I helped set up all the food for the reception and mingled with the recipients.  Then it was off to Reston Town Center to meet up with my UVA girls.  We ate at Vapiano and caught up on each other’s lives before I headed home to crash.  Monday I had a meeting at my old high school, more about that later, and then headed to Dulles for my flight home.

I got back, exhausted but happy, on Monday night and have tried to get back into a regular routine since then.  I have no current plans to return to Virginia in 2012, but I did enjoy my visit while it lasted.  Thanks to Mom for hosting!


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