10 Years and Counting

This past weekend I flew home to Virginia for my ten-year high school reunion and it was a lot of fun.  I’ll write about the rest of the weekend at some point, but for now just the reunion stuff.

Friday night a group of us took a tour around the school for old times sake.  Since I taught in the county, I’ve been in the building and had seen most of the changes.  The biggest is that they got rid of the salmon, teal, and fuchsia color-scheme in exchange for a more appropriate purple and black (our school colors).  One of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Carter, was one of our tour guides and she did a great job.  I had her for three years in math and she was the perfect person to show us around!

After the tour we hung out at the football game.  This was kind of like going to Foxfield races at UVA, absolutely no one watched the game.  But we did meet all the babies of our classmates and get time to talk.  From there we headed over the The Greene Turtle behind the mall for drinks and dinner.  This was a blast and I could actually sit and talk to people there.  It was a little surreal because we honestly don’t look all that different!  Some look a little older, others have different hair or are pregnant, but most people were easily recognizable.  The greatest part was that most people introduced themselves to remind us all of their name, just in case.

Saturday night was the main event and was held on the rooftop of Ibiza night club in Northeast DC.  This isn’t the safest quadrant of the District, but it was GORGEOUS on the roof!  Our classmate is part owner of the place and was gracious enough to give us free rein all night, from the DJ to open bar to catering.  Really incredible.  After we got everything set-up the people started rolling in.  And I think, for the most part, everyone really enjoyed themselves.  Our President had done a great job of bringing in a photo booth, making name tags, and designing t-shirts with the help of our committee.  I left fairly early (apparently) because I had to drive back to Mom’s, but some people stayed until 6am.  That’s the sign of a good party!

Overall, I saw a lot of people I haven’t in a while and got to catch up with those people who I do keep in touch with.  I wish more classmates had come, but I know that the ten-year reunion is a tricky one since a lot of people are still establishing careers, getting married, having babies, and doing other expensive things that prohibit them from coming.  I’m already excited for our twenty year reunion to see how everyone continues to change.  Thanks to those of you that made it… go Panthers!!

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