Sand, Sun, and SO Much Food

Labor Day weekend 2012. I didn’t even realize it was appoaching until it was almost here.  But I certainly lived it up.  I already mentioned my Friday night hike, and Saturday I took it fairly easy.  Sunday and Monday were full speed ahead though!

Sunday morning my friends Justin and Tina (from the Megaslide) picked me up and we headed into the city for a change, meeting X for breakfast at The Mission.  This was one of the three branches of a breakfast place X had recommended on our tour of San Diego and close to our next event so we checked it out.  I had AMAZING cinnamon french toast and if you know me, you know that I love cinnamon and french toast.  There were huge swirls of cinnamon throughout the bread and a blueberry puree around the plate to mix with the syrup.  Delicious and food coma inducing.

After breakfast we walked over to the piers near Seaport Village for the main event, which was the U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge.  This was really cool because 15-20 teams of sculptors were making their creations, with two different categories of competition.  One category was finishing up their three days of work when we were there and the other didn’t have to be done until Monday, so we got to see them in action.  The intricacy of their designs was impressive and reading about their inspirations and visions really made the pieces come to life.  I’m not a big art person, but this was something I could relate to!  The winner of the Masters category was “Home is where the Heart is”, shown below, and wasn’t my favorite but it was alright.  Check out the rest of the sculptures in my Facebook album.

From the pier we headed through a street market, wandered into Little Italy, played on a playground, cruised into an open-air mall, and finally got back to the cars mid-afternoon.  A typical X-inspired walking tour of the city and a lot of fun… but it was wicked hot and super sunny so I was glad to take it easy Sunday night.  Monday morning we all headed down to X’s house for a meet-up BBQ and beach day.  He’s in La Jolla and we hit the locals beach around the corner from the main cove.  Again, it was a hot day but the water was still chilly and the surf was rough.  It was fun to play paddle ball, frisbee, and brave the waves until your toes went numb though!

That evening we grilled out, ate WAY too much food from deviled eggs to fruit to turkey burgers to brownies and everything in between.  I tried to stick to the healthier options, but was only marginally successful.  The weekend ended with a handful of people sitting around a fire pit, telling stories and getting to know each other.

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