Month One, Still Having Fun

As you all well know, it’s September 1st.  Which means it’s the one month anniversary of my arrival on the West Coast.  This month has been incredible and I am so grateful for this chance to explore myself.  I’ve completely unpacked, as I discussed last post, and I have settled in to a routine of sorts.  Most mornings I wake up, do some sort of exercise whether that be walking, running, or biking.  Then I check emails and do some GRE preparation.  I love the math practice, I hate the verbal, and I’ve been avoiding the writing.  I’ve registered to take the GRE on October 4th, which gives me just over a month to get myself up to speed.  I’ve made tons of flash cards and just need to focus on improving my vocabulary, then buckle down to write some practice essays.

After the educational piece of my day, I typically make a sandwich or salad lunch and head down to the pool or beach.  There, I hang out, soak up some sun, read a book (right now I’m reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall) and enjoy lunch.  If I’m scheduled to swim that day, I get that workout in as well.  After a few hours I’m bored and hot so I head back to the apartment to shower.  In theory I work on grad school applications or research for a little while. I’ve narrowed my California school choices down to four but I need to decide if I want to apply to one or two other schools elsewhere as well.  I love this area, I really do… but there are two programs back on the east coast that are exactly what I want to do.  So we’ll see 🙂

My evenings vary depending on the day, some nights I head to church for fellowship and study.  Other nights I hit the beach for a night run or meet up at the climbing gym for some rock climbing.  Still others involve hanging out with the few people I’m becoming friends with and trying out new restaurants.  Last night was particularly fun because 35 of us met at Iron Mountain at 9:30pm for a full moon hike.  The moon was bright enough that we didn’t even really need our flashlights and I had the chance to meet and talk to several groups on the way up and down.  It was about 6 miles round-trip and we hung out at the top taking in the city lights for about 30 minutes, so we didn’t get back down until close to midnight.  Very fun experience!

I’m still struggling with eating and just keeping a check on my munching, which is frustrating.  I have shifted to healthier options, but it’s a daily battle.  I’ve set a few ground rules for myself, like no eating after 9pm and avoid chocolate candy.  Small things that I can follow and try to help my will power.  The good news is that I don’t miss the foods I’ve cut out so far and for the most part, I feel good!  I am also still wrestling with what to do for/about work.  With studying and applying and working out, there isn’t a ton of time for work, especially when I take my upcoming travel into account, but I want to stay busy.  This might mean volunteering, it might mean working for pay… we’ll see.

Anyway, that’s all from me today.  Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me and kept in contact, I miss you guys!


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