The Artsy Side of KO

I love to decorate.  And I love crafty projects.  And I’ve been spending a lot of time doing both of those things since I moved in!  I did try to reuse as much as possible from my old house (easy and cheap!) but there were things I knew I “needed” to get, such as new shower curtains because I had a glass door in Ashburn.  I wanted to get unpacked fairly quickly because I only have a six month lease and didn’t want tons of boxes sitting around for 1-2 months and then start packing to move the last 1-2 months… and I have nothing better to do!

The reason I’ve waited so long to post this is because my master bedroom was unfinished (and still kind of is) but I had nothing on the walls.  I had to order my quilt, so that took time and then nothing seemed to fit.  But last night I hit on a brilliant idea.  Since I’m obsessed with Pinterest (basically a website where people post a bunch of pictures of crafts, decor, recipes, etc) and I love the inspiration and funny sayings that so many people tag, I figured I should do something with that!  But all the popular decor right now is expensive, like $15 for one block of wood with a cute phrase on it.  So I brainstormed and it hit me, I could do a collage of sorts!  And I did, here’s how:

Step one: Download all the images of sayings from Pinterest that I love.

Step two: Organize them to fit on as few pages as possible in a Word document.

Step three: Go to a printing/copy shop and print in good quality color.  I used UPS since it’s close, cheap, and gives a AAA discount.  This step cost me $13 to print 34 pages of sayings.

Step four: Go to Staples to buy colored, small paper clips.  This was $1 thanks to back-to-school sales!

Step five: Use paper cutter to cut out all the phrases and arrange based on color, shape, and size.

Step six: Hole punch at the top and bottom of each and attach with paperclips.

Step seven: Measure and put eight holes in the wall and hang up the project!! I should comment that you could/should use those stick and remove hooks for the tops of each row to avoid putting holes in your wall… but my walls are stucco and don’t hold the hooks (boo!).


So that’s what I will wake up and see every morning now and I’m very happy about it!  The rest of the house is coming together and I feel good about it.  No other projects were as fun as this one, so I won’t get into detail but here are some pictures of the rest of my house.  If you need a refresher what my place looked like empty, check out my past post.  And since I’m all set up now, my guest room is officially open for guests 🙂

Master Bathroom

Master Closet

Master Bedroom

The “dining room” back toward the door and kitchen

Part of the living room

The other half of the living room

Guest room closet

Guest room

Other side of the guest room

Entry closet

Guest Bath, so fun!

The kitchen


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan Oliver
    Aug 30, 2012 @ 18:35:30

    It was fun to see your latest project. You have always had an amazing eye for color & combos when decorating. I thank my mother for that! I have always loved words, quotes & sayings, too. They make me smile, inspire & comfort me. My favorite part of the house tour pics: the bathing suits hung up to dry over the shower rod. LOVE THAT!! Can’t wait to come visit. Hugs, Mom



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