Kous Kous: Moroccan Bistro & Lounge

Alright, this was a super cute place literally beneath the streets of Hillcrest in San Diego.  It’s apparently really popular and we had about a 45 minute wait on a Saturday night, so we wandered around the town.  I’ve never been to a Moroccan restaurant before, so I was excited.  The first thing we settled on was a tapa (appetizer) called a B’stila roll.  This is a baked, stuffed phylo with herb saffron chicken, orange blossom water, and honey cinnamon almonds.  And yes, I just copied that off the menu, but let me tell you it was amazing!  So warm and so deliciously sweet.

After that, we had agreed to each get a tagine and then share them.  These are the main dishes which are cooked in low, flat ceramic dishes and then served in them as well.  We ordered a pork and a lamb dish, both with a drier Moroccan bread to soak up the sauces and an aioli.  The lamb was sweeter and came with carmelized dried fruits and toasted almonds all in a honey sauce.  The pork was in a similar sauce, but not quite so sweet.  It have dried fruit in it as well, but not the almonds.  These were both SO good, I probably like the lamb a little better only because it was a sweeter dish and pork has never been my favorite, but they were both awesome.  We also got some kind of pickled carrot dish to balance our palettes at some point, which was kind of weird but I went with it.

This was definitely not the kind of place I would usually venture into, but I’m glad I went!  The food was really good, the decor was authentic, and it was an all-around enjoyable dining experience.  Sidenote:  the root beers were good too, I prefer the ones with a little more birch after-taste and the agave root beer that I tried to be snobby/healthy was terrible.  Good to know.  I will definitely be trying more when I get back to Old Town again, and might even keep a list of favorites.  But that’s it for now, happy eating!


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