Back in the Saddle

A little over two years ago, I completed my first sprint triathlon in Charlottesville, VA.  The swim was in a lake, the bike was full of hills, and the run was a trail run through the mountains (essentially).  After completing this event, I found online that it was rated “difficult” for sprint triathlons.  Whoops!  After that life got busy, I got lazy, I focused on running for a half marathon, then I biked on my indoor bike. The result of all of this? Since that race in June of 2010, I can count on one hand the number of times I have ridden a bicycle outdoors.

This is really disappointing for me to admit, not because I haven’t been biking (I logged a ton of hours indoors), but because I really, truly enjoy biking.  I used to tell people that I ran for health and fitness, but I biked for relaxation.  So when I made the decision to move to California, I asked Mom if I could take Dad’s road (hybrid) bike to help motivate me to ride more.  I have a mountain bike of my own, but this bike is the one I competed on in my sprint and is way better for road biking.  She graciously agreed and now we’re in the present (sorry for the history, I must be missing teaching!).

I signed up to do another sprint triathlon this October.  This one is close-by in Mission Bay (about 15 miles south of me) and is a SheRox event, so all female!  I’ve never done an event with this group before, but I’m excited.  My biggest concern is the swimming portion, and really only what to wear.  I think I may need to invest in a wetsuit, but there are so many styles/types… I did request a SheRox mentor (first time participants can) and plan to ask this woman what she uses and why.  I figure it can’t hurt!

But back to biking, so yesterday was my first day of bike training for this event.  I got Dad’s bike out to check the tires and (as expected) they were flat.  No problem, I have pump.  Unfortunately, the front tire isn’t inflating like it should.  I also get to thinking that this bike hasn’t been used really since my race in 2010 and maybe I should get it checked.  After some research on Yelp (a customer review site), I find a great bike shop near me that also specializes in Trek bikes and appears to be friendly toward newbies.  I head over, they check everything out, and luckily the metal valve was just a little rusty but once broken up, it’s good to go!

Now, to get out of my apartment complex I have to go up a fairly steep hill.  Since this is the very beginning of my ride and has a gate to go through, I chose to walk up and then start at the top.  What I didn’t expect was that going down is almost as scary!  But I managed to hit the 101 and turned north.  This road, the bike lanes on either side, and the pedestrian walk are some of the many reasons why I chose to live where I live.  It was awesome feeling safe biking in “traffic” and my biggest concern was honestly that a parked car would all of the sudden open their door into me.  This isn’t very likely and only possible in a short stretch.

The biggest success of this first ride (and then I’ll stop rambling) was when I used my intuition to turn east a turn before mine, because I remembered that driving the hill there wasn’t so bad.  This was a genius plan, was completely true, and I had no issues biking up the hill over there and back into my complex.  Definitely something to remember for next time!  Alright, that’s enough… I guess I’ll just leave you with the advice that even if you’ve been away from something for a long time, it’s never to late to pick it back up!


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