I Crave Structure

As most of you know, I am an organized person and like some kind of schedule or structure to my life.  You may also know that I worked really hard in 2011 to lose almost 30 pounds (much of which I gained in 2010).  So you will see my frustration with the fact that I’ve gained about 10-12 of those pounds back since April.  This coincides 100% with my lack of structure since then as I’ve sold my house, finished the school year, traveled a ton, moved across the country, and settled in.  I understand why it happened, but that doesn’t make me any less frustrated.

I also know that in the three weeks I’ve been here, I’ve been more active than I’ve been in a long time.  So I’ve stopped gaining weight, but am just maintaining.  And I think my lack of weight loss is mostly because of my eating habits.  I need to get back on portion controls and actually learn more about cooking healthy foods (ie: vegetables).  This has all sparked an interest in vegetarian/vegan lifestyles.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not going all out, but I do really want to research and learn more about the foods I eat and start to make some better choices.

As a result of that, I’ve set up a few goals for myself between now and my birthday.  I picked my birthday because it’s 104 days from now and would be a great excuse to reward my hard work.  So, my goals for 12-2-12 (love that sequence!) are as follows:

1. Be consistently in the weight range I want to be in (about 8-10 pounds less than I am today) through healthy eating and exercise.

2. Add more healthy foods and subtract more unhealthy foods to my diet based on research and information.  So far I have taken french fries out and added zucchini and spinach in.  I’ve found I really enjoy both and have started exploring new recipes to include them!  And french fries were the last batter-fried food that I ate on a fairly regular basis.  I will keep a chart of foods I add/delete and will explain why I made those choices as I go.

3. Exercise 60 minutes every day.  This could be walking to the beach and back or a high-intensity training workout. And this is just a minimum, but again I want to be consistently working out so something is better than nothing.

4. Avoid buying clothes and shoes until my birthday.  The logic behind this goal is that no one here in Cali has ever seen any of my clothes and I have TONS, even after donating bags of them before moving.  Also, buying clothes is expensive and I don’t have any reason to be spending money on clothes right now.  The exception to this will be sport-specific gear that I need for an athletic reason.  For example, I just signed up for a sprint triathlon in October so I will most likely need to invest in a wetsuit.  That’s acceptable.

To kick-start this process I bought a weekly calendar so I can plan out my dinners for the week and get groceries accordingly.  This will especially be necessary as I add more and more fresh ingredients that just don’t keep well.  I also got another calendar for my workouts, where I will track what I need to do to train for upcoming events, as well as other recreational sports I do with friends.  Right now, this calendar is also including my study schedule for the upcoming GREs (ugh).  And yes, I realize that I need to get some fine-tipped markers but it’s a start!

My organizational calendars to keep me on track 🙂

My first supply of fresh ingredients for the week!


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