Becoming Californian

The last few days have been very busy.  I mean, “busy”. Basically I try to do 2-3 productive items on my list and scatter that in with some exercise and some sunshine.  It’s awesome.

Yesterday’s number one task was to conquer the DMV.  This was a multi-step process as I needed to get my CA license and transfer Funshine’s registration.  To prepare for my half, I had been studying for the paper driving test I had to take.  I wasn’t terribly worried but things like the distance before a right turn you should start to signal… really? For Funshine, I had taken her to get her smog test on Monday.  She passed with flying colors!

So I had an appointment at 2:40pm and upon arrival quickly realized that “appointment” just meant I was directed into a slightly shorter line.  I was then given the application forms for both tasks and asked to fill them out.  Once completed, I got back in the line to get my number.  I decided to focus on the license first since that involved a test.  Several of the questions made me stop and think twice and my confidence was not that high going into the correction line.  The test was 36 questions and I had to miss less than 6… yikes!  My worrying was all for naught, as I aced it.  And the bonus?  I got to actually smile in my picture, unlike the serial-killer shot I had in VA.  But I’m a little nervous about how my hair looked…

Anyway, on to Funshine.  So now I had to go outside and pull her around to the carport.  Where I waited. Again. Eventually a technician came out and verified that my car was really the car I was claiming.  Then it was back inside to the appointment line and getting my second number.  When I was called up I had to hand over my VA title, which was a little nerve-racking.  But the good news was that because my plates were personalized and from out-of-state, I didn’t have to surrender either!  I did get new generic plates for now, but have put FNSH1NE plates on order for California.  Notice the I is now a 1, which is a disappointment but the best I could do in the land of sun and fun 🙂

All in all, it took me just under two hours and I will get my license and new title in the mail within the next two weeks.  For now, I have my CA registration and temporary license and I’m happy with that.  I did manage to finish in time to head to my first meet-up, but more on that next time!


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