An Eating Exploration

I have been trying to balance eating out in an effort to learn the area and meet people and eating in to save money.  But the first few days I was here, I had no food… well, some Sour Patch Kids, but that’s it.  So here are a few restaurant reviews from where I’ve been so far:

Fish 101 – We went here because it had the highest reviews on Yelp! in the seafood category.  It’s just north of town and parking can be a pain, although it turns out you can park in the motel next door after 6pm (and not have to be across the railroad tracks).  Anyway, it’s fairly small but a great back patio and front porch.  You order at the counter from fresh fish options and then it’s delivered to you.  I had the Yellowtail grilled fish sandwich and it was amazing!  Huge, but amazing.  It came with spinach, lemon aioli, and red onions on a French roll.  The aioli was a little thick for me, but I prefer none, so it would be fine for you normal people.  The fish I had never had before, but it was completely mild and delicious!  We sat family style, meaning several groups to a long table, and had some interesting conversations with people around us.  The prices were reasonable as well… I will absolutely return!

Rimel’s Rotisserie – This is probably the nicest, or most “formal”, restaurant in my small town of Cardiff… now I say that having been to exactly two restaurants so that might change… but I doubt it.  From the name, their deal is obviously chicken.  They have it in all varieties, but we opted for the wok rice bowls.  There was SO much chicken!  It was delicious and you pick your own sauce, which was nice and came on the side.  I will say that we were there on a Wednesday and it was pretty busy but definitely under-staffed.  We waited quite a while both to order and to get our food, but that happens.  There was enough for leftovers and the prices were a little high for my regular dining out, but not extreme.

VG Donut & Bakery – My town being a surf town means there are more breakfast/brunch joints than dinner.  Which is fine by me!  I made myself walk to VG’s one more and I was in heaven.  It’s about 10 minutes on foot, but I’ll have to walk in the future if I don’t want to expand… so sweet and so yummy!  I had (not all at once) a glazed twist, a mixed berry crueller, and a sugared donut.  All three were amazing and warm and soft and I can’t wait to let myself go back to try something else!  There are racks and racks of donuts and pastries and it’s a local favorite as well as popular with the tourists from what I can tell… YUM!!

East Coast Pizza – This will be the last one for now, and it was definitely the most entertaining.  So one night I was coming back from errands and wanted to grab something quick, so I chose this place.  The sign out front said “2 slices & drink – $6”.  Well, that’s a great deal so I went in.  After ordering my slices, one pesto and one pepperoni, I filled my drink while they were heated.  While I waited the 3-4 minutes there was just a lot going on and it’s just a fun place.  The best part was when they asked if I wanted to eat there or take it with me.  When I answered “to go”, all they did was put another paper plate upside-down on the current plate holding my pizzas and then shove that concoction into a brown bag. Awesome 🙂  When I got home it was still hot and I do have to say, really good.  Although, I’ll probably stick to the pesto next time or maybe try the Hawaiian because the tomato sauce was a little thick.  But the dough was incredible!

That’s all for now, time to go run off all that food and get a smog test for FNSHINE… yikes!

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