Welcome Home?

Alright, it’s been a few days and I’m sorry.  But moving in has been crazy busy!  The actual process went really smoothly, thanks in large part to Paige’s help.  On Tuesday afternoon we came by the complex to double-check my paperwork and see the apartment to start brainstorming our strategies for moving.  We also met the delivery truck with my storage units since they don’t deliver on Wednesdays.  After claiming three parking spaces for those (sorry all my new neighbors) we took some pictures (see below) and headed out.

Wednesday morning I handed over my first rent check and got my keys!  Paige helped me do a move-in inspection of the apartment and then our moving helpers arrived around 10am.  I used the same process I did during move-out in Ashburn and these guys were amazing as well!  Not only were they friendly, but they were completely chill and willing to move stuff around in the apartment as I figured out where it went.  We all laughed and joked through the two-hour process and it really wasn’t bad at all.  The elevator certainly helped.

I spent the rest of that day moving furniture into place and doing anything that required four sets of hands.  Oh, and my internet was installed along with my phone (which I have to let my hypothetical friend into our gate).  After feeding Paige, I treated her to dinner nearby and then took her to the airport for her red-eye home.  My last real contact with Virginia was gone and I was left to return to my apartment alone. It felt weird.

Yesterday and today I have just been unpacking, hanging by the pool, running errands, etc.  I am trying to balance getting settled in as quickly as possible with getting out and meeting people/exploring as well.  So far it has worked out okay and I’ll continue that process through the weekend.  Right now I still feel like I’m living out of suitcases in just another hotel… but I will obviously post as I go.  When I feel like I’m finally moved in I’ll update the pictures, but for now enjoy these “before” shots of my new place!

My front door!

The dining/living room and deck.

The kitchen/bar area.

The guest closet.

The master closet.


The guest bath.

The master bath.

The guest bedroom.

The master bedroom


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