NoVa to SoCa: Days 6-7

I’m going to be 100% honest right now, I am sick. Like either a terrible sinus infection or possibly strep throat.  I may even go to the doctor sometime in the next few days.  Because of that, this post may be scattered. I apologize.

The morning of day 6 we left San Antonio and drove west and north and west to Carlsbad, NM.  This trip was really long, but also really exciting.  Namely because when we got to the Texas/New Mexico border, I officially entered my fiftieth state!!  This has been a goal/item on my bucket list for 27 years.  Incredible.  So we paused to take a bunch of pictures, see them here on Facebook.  Then we went up to the bat caves.  This was awesome!  We sat in bleachers and waited for it to get dark while the rangers told us a bunch of cool bat facts.  Then hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of bats flew out.  First they came in clumps, then a constant stream… and we could hear their wings flapping!

This morning we got up early and drove and drove and drove.  But it was worth it as we got to Tucson, AZ in time to do some really cool stuff!  Oh, it helped that we crossed into Pacific Coast Time on the way and gained our last hour.  But we went to the tile shop and painted our own tiles!  Then we had an amazing Mexican dinner, complete with a Mariachi band, and headed home for an evening horseback ride.  It was Paige’s first time on horseback and she was a great trooper.  I have put her through a lot on this trip and am reminded daily how glad I am that she came along for the ride.

Now we’re watching the opening ceremony of the OLYMPICS!! Then I plan to crash early as we head north on our last long day of the trip to the Grand Canyon tomorrow.  Thanks for checking in and happy Olympics everyone!!

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