NoVa to SoCa: Days 1-3

It already appears that finding time to post while traveling is going to prove a challenge, but I’ll do my best!  My itinerary is here, if you missed it.  But we started in Buffalo Junction, VA and headed south on day one to Roswell, GA.  The reason being that my friends from Clemson were getting married that night (Saturday).  The wedding was a ton of fun and I’m so thankful to have worked that into my crazy schedule.  We then crashed with my college friends at their new townhouse in Atlanta.

Sunday morning we were up early and heading to Panama City Beach to stay with my little sister.  We actually crossed into Alabama first and then officially left behind the Eastern Time Zone (ahh!).  Once there, we went straight to the beach, which was a good thing because a few hours later a storm came up and knocked out the power all over town.  We did manage to take showers (in the dark) and then head out to celebrate Katie’s roommates’ birthday and when we returned the power was back on!

This morning we turned right out of the apartment complex and actually began our trek west.  We cruised through the rest of Florida and into Alabama (again).  Our first detour of the day was through Mobile, AL and it was a pleasantly surprisingly one.  We spent a good deal of time at the Battleship Memorial Park by the USS Alabama.  Then we crossed into Mississippi and wandered our way along the Gulf through Biloxi.  The highlight here was Jefferson Davis’ house.  Finally, we check into our hotel in New Orleans and headed out on the town.

We’d gotten instructions to try two foods and two drinks while here, so we hit up Bourbon Street and the rest of the French Quarter.  We made it down to the river just in time to see a dinner cruise pull away into the sunset.  After taking in the sites and sounds for several hours, we’re calling it a night.  Tomorrow we’ll see a few more things before heading off to Texas for a few days!  Check out more pictures on Facebook.

Sorry this wasn’t more detailed, but I will post again soon!


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