Oh the Olivers…

I spent this past weekend in Bluefield.  This is a small town that, at least in my mind, is split by the VA and WV state line.  Now, folks down there claim they are two completely different towns.  Okay, whatever you all say.  We were there for a family reunion, my father’s side of the family.  Sunday afternoon we had a nice picnic at the park with ham, mac ‘n cheese, crescent rolls, beans, corn, desserts of all kinds, fruit, salad, etc.  We just hung out and visited with our “cousins”, which is how I refer to most of these people.

Monday and Tuesday were the really fun days as we spent countless hours driving around the neighborhoods, houses, cemeteries, and restaurants of town.  My grandfather grew up there and has a lot of fond memories of this place.  The East River Mountain is the backdrop to these towns and we hung out in butterfly fields on top of that one afternoon.  I think we ate at Dairy Queen at least three times, each time seeing more old friends of the family.  We also managed to eat at Ryan’s in two states, both slightly different all-you-can-eat buffets where the minimum time spent was three hours.

More photos were taken by more people than ever in my life.  I’ll upload mine to Facebook when I get another free minute.  Each morning Mom would lay in bed and wait for me to stir, then excitedly ask if I was awake and ready to go for a walk in the cemetery adjacent to our hotel.  My response varied, but I got up and out each time 🙂 In addition to seeing more graves and rundown small towns, I laughed a ton during these four days.  My relatives are a handful and the poor hotel staff had to deal with us taking over their lobby for hours each day as we told stories and played in the pool.

It was a great way to say good-bye to my family and an all-around great weekend.  Many of my extended family lives on the west coast, or at least closer to that side, so I look forward to hopefully seeing more of them more often!  Now I’m hanging out in Clarksville with my friend Paige, preparing for our road trip… more on that SOON!!


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