Heading West… Sort Of

Saturday afternoon I began the seemingly impossible task of packing the last of my possessions into Funshine. I had enough stuff to last me the six weeks I was without my storage units. This included clothes for backpacking, two weddings, the beach, Vegas, and road tripping. Also, the gifts for the weddings, a box of games for a friend, pillows, school stuff, etc. Needless to say, I was not looking forward to cramming it all in my car in a somewhat organized fashion.

I decided step one was to decide what stuff I would not need until California. All of those items were put in the trunk. The goal is to not open the trunk until August 1st. Then, I had to get the Reston my stuff in the backseat. The twist was that I was driving to friends (and their stuff) to a wedding yesterday. So I needed three free seats and space for their suitcases. We made it. Barely. They were flexible and rode with their wedding outfits hanging in their faces for the 30 minute drive to Alexandria.

This was the first stop on my journey west (even though technically Alexandria is east of Sterling). Two of my good friends got married at the Torpedo Factory, which used to produce torpedoes and now is a warehouse that contains artists’ workshops. The ceremony was gorgeous and the couple was adorable! Our college group of friends had a great time catching, as always, and I was sad to leave at 6:30am…

Why that early? Because I was off to the second state in my trip… West Virginia! After a long, long, long drive down 81 south I arrived in Bluefield. My father’s side of the family gets together every summer with our extended family. I ate way too much food, hung out with my cousins, and entertained the elder generations. I’ll be here for a few days spending some quality time with this bunch before I move on to my next location… Stay tuned!

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