#49 North Dakota

This will just be a quick post as we are on the road and in fact eating breakfast as I type.

The basic story is that on the fourth of July we drove north from boulder, CO to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. This is, according to my niece, a BIG rock! We went for a run around the tower, which was still hard for me due to altitude. We then car camped in the national park and spend the fourth playing games and just hanging out. Fireworks were banned in all of Colorado and most of Wyoming due to the huge wildfires that have been burning in this region.

But enough about Wyoming, let’s get to the “good stuff”. We drove north yesterday from the tower and cruised into north Dakota just before lunch. We were running on fumes and didn’t stop by the sign on the way in, but made it to the one gas station in town. Then we had a comfort food lunch before heading further north to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We intended to hike, camp, and explore this region for a while. But we quickly learned that after stopping at Painted Canyon and driving the loop in the park, we were done. We did see several hundred prairie dogs, two buffalo, some antelope, and wild horses!

Oh, and how could I forget the June Berry ice cream we had as a snack in town? It was actually really good and a great cool treat. But we decided it was early enough so we jumped back in the car and headed south. This drive was interesting as we had tons of lightning and rain, sang a lot of songs, my niece puked, and we got into Spearfish, SD kind of late. We opted for a hotel last night and all crashed fairly quickly. So that was my experience in state number 49, only one left to go which will happen later this month!

Today we’re off to the Black Hills and Mt. Rushmore! Happy Friday everyone, talk to you soon!


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