Camping – Pros vs. Cons

As you may know, I spent the last five days backpacking and camping with my brother’s family near Aspen, CO. The last time I hiked with a pack was in middle school. The last time I camped was sometime in college, and only for a night of car camping. I will post in detail, with pictures, the events of our trip once I get home next week. But for now, here is my current pro/con list for camping (please keep in mind this is camping of all kinds, wild and car):

– cheap(er) than hotels/motels
– much closer to gorgeous scenery
– sleep schedules revolving around the sun
– less noise/hustle and bustle
– it’s socially acceptable to be a little dirty
– seeing cool animals “in real life”
– camp fires and the songs/stories that go with them
– uninterrupted time with the people you’re with
– exploring and/or mini adventures that always seem to happen

– biting flies and mosquitoes (sounds girly, I know, but they are just SO annoying and itch like hell)
– I sleep on my side at night, which is not particularly comfortable on the ground
– I’m allergic to feathers, which most down sleeping bags are made of
– I’m allergic to trees, particularly pine and spruce families, which is where most campsites are

So, I guess for now camping is a go in my book. Especially if I take allergy medicine with me. I look forward to including camping more in my future life, which means I need to buy a good tent. Anyway, This is a good conclusion to come to since we are setting off on a car camping trip to North Dakota tomorrow… More on that soon!


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