We Live to Ride, We Ride to Live

Me and my gang, that is.  This weekend was a lot of fun for me and reminded me how amazing my good friends are.  Friday night I had a going away “party” and met up with a bunch of people at Vapiano’s in Reston Town Center.  This is an awesome restaurant that is cafeteria-style, which is perfect for groups after work since everyone orders what they want, when they want.  And it’s all recorded on a card that you pay out when you’re ready to leave.  And their chicken pesto panini is AMAZING.

But enough about food, this photo sums up the evening.  Absolute chaos.  From high school friends to college friends and everything in between, we all just had fun!  This was a combination of people that had either never met, or hadn’t seen each other in a while.  Things like this are great for people-watchers like me because we can just sit back and observe.  I tried to just enjoy the night and not thing about the fact that I won’t see many of these people for a long time…

Saturday night, my friend Katie and I ventured out to Jiffy Lube Live for a country music concert.  The opening bands, Eden’s Edge and Eli Young Band were both interactive and did a great job.  Then Little Big Town came on, who we’ve seen before with Sugarland.  The four members of this group harmonize like few others I’ve ever heard.  And are so fun!  Then, the main event… RASCAL FLATTS!!  I have loved this group for a long time and saw them in concert in 2009.  I just really like their music and their live shows are just laid back, chill, fun.  We were up singing and dancing from 7-11pm.

Then the parking lot fiasco.  So coming in, we were right by the gate and excited that we’d have a quick escape route.  The issue?  They didn’t open that gate after the concert.  Bummer.  So we waited and waited and waited, for about 45 minutes total to get out.  During that time, we had a sunroof dance party because 98.7 was playing only music by the artists in the concert all night.  We made friends with people around us and finally got out just before midnight.  Today I swam a mile in the outdoor pool, sunned a little, and am having both lunch and dinner with friends!


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