The End of an Era

Tomorrow is the last day of school.  The last day students will be in my classroom.  The last day I have to grade papers and give tests.  Possibly forever.  It’s totally surreal.

Now, in all reality I will likely teach again.  It just might not be in Virginia.  Or in a public school.  Or in a high school.  Or in a history classroom.  I really have no clue, and that’s a little sad and scary.  I just have one class tomorrow, it’s one of my freshmen classes, and I’m proud of my little guys.  I have really enjoyed the last few weeks with both my kids and my co-workers.

Yesterday the social studies department held it down on the softball field.  The p.e. teachers challenged us to a game and we smoked them, 20-10.  Now, I have to be honest and say that I was far from MVP of the game.  I did not strike out though!  I made contact each at-bat, which was a win for me.  I was also the catcher and didn’t make any major errors either, again… win!  Then we had a department “meeting” off campus and again, just got to relax with each other before summer break.

Oh, some of you may be wondering about the teacher workdays and if I forgot about them.  I haven’t and there’s a good chance I’ll be at work on Monday and Tuesday with the rest of the staff.  And at graduation on Monday afternoon.  But there’s also a slight chance I won’t be.  As if my life isn’t chaotic enough right now, I was summoned for jury duty on Monday at our local courthouse.  28 years in the county and this is my first summons.  Four days before I close on my house.  Four days.  Oh well, we’ll find out on Sunday night if I have two more days of work or several days of jury duty!

Well I’m exhausted after work and packing, so I’m calling it an early evening on my last official school night!!


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