It’s Not “Good-bye”, It’s “See You Later”

I can count on two hands the number of people I keep up with from high school.  And I mean really truly still keep in my life, not just stalk on Facebook.  This past weekend I took the time to visit three of them in a whirlwind tour of the northeast.

First, on Friday I braved 95 North in a tornado and didn’t (completely) lose my cool when a truck caught on fire and stopped us cold for almost an hour.  When I eventually got to Philly, I was rewarded for my troubles by having the chance to spend the evening with my good friend Claire.  She and her husband had their first baby last November and he is ADORABLE.  Totally a ladies’ man and babbles up a storm while bouncing around in his contraptions. It’s a little surreal to see Claire as a mommy, but really a blessing to see her thriving in this new stage of her life.

Saturday morning we all walked to brunch (I ate WAY too much) and then I hit the road again.  This time 95 was good to me and I got to West Hartford, CT in record time!  High school friend #2, Danny, toured me around the town that night.  We had great sandwiches for dinner and then managed to hit up all four of the major bars in town.  A fun night that I really, really enjoyed and will definitely miss.  I used to visit Danny when he lived in Boston and it’s just always a good time.

Sunday “morning” we watched some GSN while waking up (we were out until almost 4am) and then I started my journey home.  Again, it was sunny and gorgeous with no traffic!  I quickly made it to Plainsboro, NJ where I planned to meet Bill for an early dinner.  This was a surprisingly pleasant visit because we drove to Princeton and walked around part of the campus.  I’d never been and it was really pretty.  We then walked over to a Mexican restaurant in town and ate, all the while talking about our lives.  This is a friend that’s always been in the group, but recently we’ve gotten to know each other better and I’m so glad.  After a few hours of just talking and enjoying life, I reluctantly got BACK in the car to finish my trip.

Overall, three very different people in three very different places… but SO worth it.  I’m going to miss being able to drive and see so many of my friends, but I’m looking forward to having them visit me and exploring new places out west!


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